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All right guys, I have a question for us all to consider. I know there will be opposing answers, but I wan t help analyzing this. So, I am 47 (age won't matter), married> I went back to school full time in Jan of 2007, one more... Read More

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    I'd say discuss with your wife first. I had to do that a few years ago when I started selling pampered chef. I told my wife that I would be around mostly female clients. (They've actually all been female so far.) She wasn't thrilled at first, but has gotten used to the idea. When I announced my decision to go back to school to be an RN, and that I'd be around a lot of girls she was okay with the idea. Just always talk to the wife first, then she can't come back and say you were trying to hide it.

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    Quote from inpatientlywaiting
    Um, yeah, that's only going to get you in trouble. I'm guessing not married?
    It was a joke. My gf and I have had this issue, well non-issue. She says she trusts me and knows that I wont do anything. She is also a NS and she knows that I will sometimes be surrounded by 20 something girls all day long.

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