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Anyone out there get real tired about the constant drama, anxiety, and non stop worrying exerted by your female classmates? To me, it seems like the majority of them have nothing to talk about other... Read More

  1. by   mxems
    I'm one of 3 guys in my program. I'm in a study group and everybody seems to be pretty cool. Everybody in the class seems to be doing ok and not too much sweating or drama. You know, it's mostly the playfull worrrying and stuff but nothing that is completely off the wall. I guess I have a great class. I also have an awesome study group, and totally cool clinical instructor, and very helpful and caring class instructors. It's a good deal all around.
  2. by   fromtheseaRN
    i've dealt with plenty of whining, negative men/boys in my courses. there are negative people of both genders, and i think both genders would benefit if we took out the anatomy based generalizations.
  3. by   texashyles
    I'm in the online BSN program through A&M..I've never met another student face-to-face and will graduate soon.

    P.S. They have an online masters program, too.
  4. by   ERNurseToBe
    I am a female and I get frustrated with the students in my class in general. Regardless of sex. I really avoid socializing with them, so the only thing I hear is them complaining to the instructor....:spin: Good luck to learning to tune it out, and on your future as a nurse
  5. by   zionic
    i cud agree with the negative energy even though i'm a female and yes it does sickens me to the guts, but do i condemn them for it? NO, because most times, i realise, when i hear whinning and complaints it's not because the girls think it's so hard, it's simply because the quiz or exam was so stupid but they never imagined it would be that stupid and they ended up not studying the stupid stuff.

    i would never say i don't study, but i have realised that the times i study really hard i stress my self over nothing, because most of these exams are based on very simple things that sometimes do not require that indepth studying, but before i realized that i read every single thing in the book and worried and cried (in my corner now) then find out that it wasn't about the studying so hard, it was simply studying smart and listening to your inner guidance.
  6. by   PiperRN
    It's not just the drama but the CONSTANT chatter, typically more gossip and personal chit-chat than substance. It'd be different if they performed academically at a rate commensurate with their numbers. My observation is that male students (perhaps because of their continued minority status) out-perform and intensify the professional atmosphere in the class room. Having completed advanced degrees in other fields of science I have found it amazing that instructors must use flicker lights and find tactful ways to stop the "girl-talk" which explodes with every break.
  7. by   ericcire
    Don't expect it to change it will be there on the job this is still a female domanited feild either just ignore it or find a place there isn't females or other wise you might not fit in
  8. by   ericcire
    oh did I mention the talk about the monthly stuff- go ahead join in, it stops the conversion rather quickly because it makes women more uncomftable then the perosn joining in
  9. by   jmtrn0904
    Hey "Humpty,"
    Did you ever think about these things:...
    1. Women react differently to stress than men
    2. Women in nursing make up a much higher percentage than men, and by THAT are much more competitive for grades, jobs, etc.?
    3. These women in your program may have other things going on in their lives that increase their stress level?

    Maybe it's time you stop worrying about everyone else, and concentrate on your own education.
  10. by   gt4everpn
    makes a good point, ya know.. anyway i begger to differ with ya dumpy... the complaining in my program comes both in estrogen and testosterone form.

    Quote from guiltysins
    if you're doing so well in your classes then why are you concerning yourself with the fact that other students are worried and studying and/or talking about school all the time. i'm not trying to be mean but i don't get how exactly their worrying about wanting to do well really affects you at all. not everyone can breeze through nursing school like you've claimed to do and there shouldn't be anything wrong with that. if you guys are so good at it, then fine, be good at it, but i don't really get how it has anything to do with how the other students in the class should act. however by the way you've mentioned how you don't really want to be a nurse humpty dumpty, that could be one of the key differences and anyway, isn't the way that they worry and stress and constantly talk about nursing school kind of similar to the way you worry and get frustrated over how much they do it?
  11. by   MaritesaRN
    Quote from HumptyDumpty
    Anyone out there get real tired about the constant drama, anxiety, and non stop worrying exerted by your female classmates? To me, it seems like the majority of them have nothing to talk about other than nursing school, tests, and frustrating about clinicals/instructors. This becomes very irritating for me anyways. Just wanted to know if any other guys out there find it highly annoying?

    I am not one of the guys, (I'm an older gal) but I can really understand your frustration. You must be with a very young crowd, possibly immature , inexperience in a lot of walks in life, considering the subject matter they indulge with! Just hang in there is only school. Just do your stuff to the best that you can and you will get out and away from this, and when you graduate.....this is where you need to be assertive as to who your mentor is in the clinical floor. ........ this is where it matters a lot. The mentors either screw you or make you!!!
    Wishing you the best and sending you some good and positive energy towards you. Do not let anybody else tell you who are.
  12. by   ~Mi Vida Loca~RN
    I just don't like people in general. I am an equal opportunity hater :stone
  13. by   aloevera
    you think it is "drama" now ????

    just wait till you are working........same thing......instead of about study, is other nurses, DON, staffing, pts, etc. etc. etc......
    get used to it or ignore it.....