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When all y'all report something to the DPH what criteria do you use? If there were a bunch of thefts ranging from $4 to $150, do you report them all or do you have a cut off amount?... Read More

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    Just a quick observation...

    With regard to reporting theft by dollar amounts, what is a struggle for some families, other families don't even notice. When my father in law was in assisted living, he took along his Kindle, his laptop, and his beloved shortwave radio. He was a retired engineer, had been widowed for several years and his electronic "stuff" kept him vital and alive.

    His roomie, on the other hand, had a big, warm, loving family who were broke. After we discovered how they were struggling as a family to provide their Dad with Kleenex, denture cleaner and paste, the ordinary stuff of everyday life, we began bringing in extras and made sure the staff knew why. Santa brought him a Kindle and his very own laptop for Christmas. For that sweet lovely man, ANY theft would have had consequences.
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    Requiring that residents keep 'all' valuables in the office safe, despite that accounting hassle- would prevent a lot of wasted time from patients that 'lose' money, or 'flush' it by accident, etc...not to mention the careers that are ruined by false claims of theft. . .
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