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Hello all, I am new to this forum and found it by searching for hours...It seems to be filled with fellow leaders in nursing like myself and I am in need of some guidance, advice, or whatever you... Read More

  1. by   Mks123
    It has gotten to the point where we need to watch "celebrity apprentice" to survive as nurses and learn from them .Undermining and throwing people under the bus are widely accepted.Nurses have never supported each other . It would be an interesting study . Regardless no one should work 70 hours a week. Look for a nice job with two keys points. You should feel happy and grateful to go to work. You should not have fear shrouding you . You should feel fulfilled as if you are doing more than earning a paycheck. Good Luck!!
  2. by   mtessmer2000
    Thanks to all for your support and kind words. Truly appreciated here! Today, I feel better than I have felt in 9 months!! A huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders to say the least.....and I have a phone interview in 30 minutes.
  3. by   VivaLasViejas
    This is a blessing in disguise. I'm afraid to think what might have happened to you if you'd stuck it out another few months......I've seen DONs have complete nervous breakdowns because of this sort of pressure. Actually, I had one myself at a job that I knew after only a few weeks that I'd made a terrible mistake in taking. I lasted exactly three months and I STILL have nightmares about that place. {{{{shiver}}}}

    I wish you the best of luck in finding a new job. You're going to be OK....all you need is a supportive environment and you'll shine!
  4. by   CapeCodMermaid
    I hear from other DNSs that this is becoming commonplace. If you resign, the company accepts immediately and walks you out. Too bad the last time I resigned I had to stay my entire 4 week notice. I asked them politely to walk me out, but they declined. Let us know how your interview turned out.
  5. by   Nascar nurse
    Today was my last day at current employer. Gave notice Dec 25, started training replacement (was former DON in this building years ago and still familiar with the company) 2 weeks ago. I completely expected to be walked out at end of first day of training...by day 3 of training I was praying to be walked out. Nope, had to wait until today!

    To the OP - I agree with the others. I think you just got sucked into a very bad enviornment with horrendous expectations. In the end, they did you a favor. Hope your interview went well. Let us know.
  6. by   Ruas61
    I am so glad to hear this for you. I hope you get some rest and rejuvenation. All the best and keep us informed.
  7. by   noc4senuf
    Mtessmer... how was the phone interview? I also wanted to say the UWEC's program for administrator's puts out grads that are highly regarded in the field. The biggest problems that I have heard amongst those in the business in both WI and MN is.... they push the srudents to be micro-managers. Meaning.... they are to jump right in as new grads and run their buildings and let them know who's boss. Which it sounds is what you dealt with. I personally have run across two of them 23 & 24 yrs old, they both tried to tell me who I could admit and care for at a nursing level. Sorry, this nurse wasn't having any of it. so much more to it, but you get the idea. Maybe someone needs to let UWEC to tone it down a bit with their students?
  8. by   mtessmer2000
    Hi all! My phone interview went very well. It was a bit difficult to relay the reason for leaving as I wasn't ready for that question. I did say that the time demands affected my balance between family and my job. I was truthful in saying the 60+ hr work weeks were becoming very challenging although I loved my job. Hopefully when I said I find the RN Case Manager role to be a crucial one in facilitating safe discharges and I am highly interested in sharing my knowledge and experience within that role. I also said that my recent experience has prepared me for the multi-tasking and diverse dimensions of a job such as the one being interviewed for so hopefully that helped and I hope they call me back! The pay is salary based with 36 or 40 hr work weeks and on call every 5th weekend. I cannot even begin to express how working 40 hours a week pleased me. Not the salary part so much BUT it was near what I was making as a DON!! WT_! Anyway, prayers would be great. I have another interview for the same position in another nearby city on Tuesday so I am also looking forward to that one. Have a great weekend all! Oh yeah, by the way, I am nearly crazy with nothing work-related to do!! lol. Strange feeling but welcomed. Resting is all I have been doing to say the least.
  9. by   mtessmer2000
    It wouldn't have been so bad had she had some regard for my level of experience in nursing and what I could have contributed had I been supported. I have learned however, that in this particular case, the madness goes all the way to the top and I truly feel that the source of it all IS the top people. A business forgetting they are taking care of people, vulnerable people. At any rate, a day out of leaving and still no regrets so that is a positive sign.
  10. by   mtessmer2000
    I was thinking about the interim DON travel role to as a temporary riding out finding the perfect job for a bit. I worked for three different agencies within my years as a nurse and should connect with them. You given me some thinking to do.
  11. by   mtessmer2000
    Well all, my interview went to well that I didn't have to wait till next week to hear anything!! They called me today and I do a second interview with the ER Manager, another RN Case Manager and the RN Case Manager Director on Tuesday!! Smilin' from ear to ear here!
  12. by   LTCRN4LIFE
    Mtessmer....what position are you interviewing for? I am impressed that you made this decision this fast. Good for you. Anxious to hear the update!
  13. by   mtessmer2000
    I am interviewing for an RN Case Manager position at a hospital near my area.