Has being a LPN first better prepare you for being a RN later?

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    Hello everyone,

    I just wanted to hear from those that did take this long route just as I anticipated doing and am happy you did because it paved the way for you become an RN later. I would suppose this route might have taught you to have good study habits, while also preparing you for what nursing is really about. This may have helped you to be bocome knowledgeable about all the dynamics, terms, and critical thinking used in the nursing world.

    Just would like a little input from those that have been down this road and appreciate the steps taken to get to where you are now. Maybe if you had gone about it the short way you may feel it wouldn't have been possible with all you know now.

    Thanks in advance for your experiences and words of wisdom offered!

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    Any guide or administrator viewing can you please move this to the RN area , if possible. I think I would get more of a response there.

    Thank you!
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    I did an LPN certificate in 1992 and then went immediately to an ADN and graduated in 1994. I think it did help as I worked as an LPN while in school.
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    So far yes. I am not an RN yet but I am in a bridge program. Lots of the material that I am studying I have seen before so my grades are better and I dont have to spend as much time studying.
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    I took the longer way due to finances. I completed a CNA course in HS and worked as a CNA in both LTC and med/surg. I wanted to do an RN program, but didn't have the resources. I signed up, on a whim, for LPN studies and graduated back in 1985. My instructers were totally brutal and by graduation time, nothing could phase us. No mollycoddling from them. It was a good thing. I had been working as an LPN for 4 yrs when I graduated with the RN. I think the transistion was much easier for me because of being an LPN and my tough instuctors. A part of me will always be an LPN. I think they are very under appreciated and under utilized.
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    I completed an LVN program in 2005 and worked as one while completing an RN bridge program in 2010. This route minimized the amount of student loan debt that I incurred, so I am appreciative of that.
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    I've been an LPN for *gulp* 17 years. LPNs have long been known as "trench nurses" because they tend to work in the trenches so to speak.

    I think it is the best thing in nursing to have seasoned LPNs continue to RN. In my 15 month program I did nearly twice as many clinical hours as my friend who did an ADN program. While LPNs aren't allowed to work in OB, ED, Med/Surg...ALL of our clinical training was in these areas.

    I've worked beside new, direct to RN nurses and found them to be very hesistant once in the clinical work setting. LPNs seem to come out of school more confident in their skills.

    We also already know the nursing basics and have handled a floor before, so the day-to-day routine is already set in us. I won't be nervous when a state evaluator sits over me while I do a complex sterile dressing change or while I pass meds to 42 people. LPNs have already worked those nerves out!

    I also think there is a maturity level in LPNs that is not present in direct to RN students. We know how to process information so that it will best assimilated and applied in class and in clinical. We already have a critical thinking mind.

    That's just my experience.
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    Thanks for the insight. I was struggling to choose starting an LPN or RN. I can get into either

    but, I feel that one can achieve more confidence in the LPN program and then continue

    through a Bridge program to RN to reinforce what one has learned in an educational setting.
    Thus, getting great grades, scholarships which help in the financial department.
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    Thank you for this post! I am starting the LPN - RN bridge soon! I'm excited!
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    Its helped me so far and im in Nursing 3 ( third semester )
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