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    What would you do about talkers while the teacher is talking? We have several people who talk why the teachers are lecturing. They sit behind and whisper continuously and it is very distracting. Now I am pretty easy going person, but this has got to stop. There was this situation that happened with me where the teacher assigned some homework. Well after class, this girl came to me and asked how to do it. She is one of the talkers. I was nice enough to tell her again how to do it. Well right in the middle of me explaining this to her, someone walked by her and she started talking to them and completely ignored me (mind you there were a couple of people that had questions about it too. But I was helping them and they do listen to lectures and don't talk. Then she finished having her chat session and wanted me to start over. I was livid! Did not say anything and went over it again. Also when I first met her, there were a couple of us studying for an exam and she came in and talked about personal stuff instead of the task at hand. What do I do?! I don't want o be rude, but on the other hand I want to tell her to leave and stop bothering me. What do I say, and in a nice way? I have told the teacher about the others talking while she is and how it's distracting and others have said something too. They do give out discipline actions, but they don't. I wish they would because it is affecting those who want to do well and become a nurse. Just venting sorry post is long but very upset and we all pay good money to get a good education.
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    Grow a backbone and stick up for yourself. Throughout life you will run into these kind of people. Ask them to stop. As far as the classmate who dropped your conversation walk away!
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    Ask the teacher to address the problem in class.

    Out instructors don't put up with that crap.
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    If they are talking during class, turn around and ask them to stop talking.

    If they ask for clarification on something because they weren't listening, tell them to listen next time. (and note, don't tell them how to do whatever)

    It's that simple.
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    OP, I can see that you are concerned about being rude to your classmates. This is hardly the worst trait to have (sounds like the talkers could use some themselves), but it is causing you to not be assertive. People will take advantage of that niceness. As they say, you teach people how to treat you with what behaviors you accept. Nobody wants to create an environment that will make it difficult to interact while working in groups or pairs but building resentment isn't healthy, either.

    That being said, there is no reason to do a 180 and come at them with raised voices or reflecting their inconsiderate attitudes. If they are talking, turn around and say "hey, I can't hear the instructor over your talking" rather than "are you talking AGAIN?!" or something similarly emotional. It doesn't need to be personal or "holier than thou" - just a statement of fact. You probably aren't the only one that feels this way, but you can set a precident by speaking up in a calm, assertive manner. If it continues then say the same thing again. Don't let them rattle you. Eventually they'll get the point or the instructor SHOULD have the cajones to back you up.

    Let us know how it goes.
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    This is why I always try to sit up front in all of my classes. I noticed people in the back talk more. They don't talk up front. This way I can pay attention and hear what is going on.
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    You're in NURSING SCHOOL?? Oh Helllll no!! LOL I have busted my hump trying to get accepted and when I do I'll be damned if someone as ridonkulous as these girls are going to keep me from doing well!! Speak up! Turn around and say "do you mind?" or, you could try the nicer approach and turn around and say "****!" .....kidding.......

    Seriously, ask them to be quiet! Why are they even there?
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    Turn around and say HEY. DO YOU MIND? SHUT UP!!!! What's so hard about that?
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    The teacher should be the one calling them out, however speak up and say...I hate having to ask the teacher to repeat themselves, I can not hear the instructor when other people are talking...DO you mind waiting until after class to talk to each other? I am paying thru the nose to hear what she has to say. Thank you!!
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    Quote from Jill2Shay
    Ask the teacher to address the problem in class.
    Totally agree.

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