Using LPN to get to BSN

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    Hi Everyone,

    Are there any LPN students or recent graduates that are using the LPN path to get to an RN, BSN or further and don't intend to actually work as a full time LPN? Has anyone been able to do this while keeping their day job? Should you feel bad about having that goal in mind?


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    Most of my class plans on immediately going into a LPN-RN program, so no I don't think anyone should feel bad about using the LPN diploma as a stepping stone toward your RN.
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    yes i agree..i am planning on doing a lpn-rn bridge then a rn-bsn bridge....i hope its not a problem
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    The BSN program I am going to start has a LPN-exit option(after the first year you can sit for the NCLEX PN & stop there if you wish). I think its a great idea to become a LPN first b/c it is really competitive to get into RN or BSN programs
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    Me! I chose this route b/c I was cutting back at work to go to school and we weren't sure how long we could go without me working full time. Getting my LPN meant that I could be working as a nurse in a year. We've been fortunate that we were able for me to go right on to the ASN bridge.

    My LPN education was tough and has been a great foundation for my future, I'm so glad I did it this way.
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    yes, although most of my current LPN class isn't planning on doing that. for some reason, articulation issues in my area aren't that great, so it's not so easy to make a straight path. some RNA programs will take a *lot* of credits, and some won't take any. i'm not as sure about the RNBS programs, since there are very few in my area that do that, either (upstate new york).

    i could have chosen to do this year as pre-req's for the RNA program, but instead decided to do the LPN program, just in case i can't continue for some reason into the associate's program - at least i'll be licencenced to do *something* in the field.
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    I chose this route, I am a LPN and am now working on my BSN, I worked fulltime at night, went to school and am a single parent. It can be done!
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    LPN/LVNs who do not at least consider moving on to an RN program are not being mindful of their own futures. It makes more sense to get an LPN license with the thought of going into an LPN to RN program, than to wait for some time in the future for an employer to give an ultimatum to get an RN license of lose one's job.
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    To LADYBUUG, LPN. OMG!!!!! You have just inspired me BIG TIME. I am currently a CNA with plans on starting LPN school in January, but was worried about work and school. If you did it, then it can be done. School will be Monday-Friday 730-200pm which means I can work at night or work weekends and one night. Well, let's see if my employer will work something out with me. Thank you again and God Bless you and your kid.
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    Hi All!
    I am currenly doing this option because after completing my pre req's for the adn i've been placed on a waiting list for a year possibly two! With the adn & bsn programs being so competitive I have heard if your an lpn first you have a better chance of geting in. And the year or so I am on a waiting list, I can complete the lpn proram! I start Oct 4th and actually the school I will be attending has a 1 + 1 program where you have the option to transition to the rn program if you choose.

    Good Luck to everyone & never feel bad about a decision that you have made!!:redpinkhe

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