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  1. FlawlessT


    Hi All!! I am thinking about starting their ADN in the fall & was wondering if anyone had any info on them, good or bad? Are they accredited and such etc....... Any thing you may have to share would be appreciated!! Thanks!!
  2. FlawlessT


    Hi Everyone! Is there anyone who is currently employed @ metro as an lpn or rn? I have a few questions about working there as a nurse. First off what is the process for getting hired there or is it all just online. Do they still utilize lpn's? And if so to what capacity? And what is there general nurse/patient ratio? I have a few months left of my lpn program & would really love to work for a level I trauma center! I plan on going all the way to become a CRNA & I feel working here would give me great exposure. Any input would be great! Thanks!:redpinkhe
  3. FlawlessT

    Any new October students?

    Hey Everyone! Just wanted to check in w/ the October starts & see how everything is going? Is everyone surviving? Our program is moving along pretty fast, there is no time to get behind. Well I hope all is well! And remember it is just a small sacrifice now for a greater future later!! Best wishes!!
  4. FlawlessT

    pink stethoscopes

    Hello! I have the pearl pink one that I purchased off of medisave.com and it is awesome!! I only paid about $70 for it as well and it comes with a warranty & I verified that info w/ 3m the company that makes the litmann. You won't be disappointed with it! Good Luck:clown:
  5. FlawlessT

    Hondros 2010 vs Butler Tech

    Hi All! I will be starting @ the Westerville campus on Oct 4th as well & have orientation this coming Tuesday! So far my experiences have been wonderful! Good Luck to everyone & stay focused!!
  6. FlawlessT

    Using LPN to get to BSN

    Hi All! I am currenly doing this option because after completing my pre req's for the adn i've been placed on a waiting list for a year possibly two! With the adn & bsn programs being so competitive I have heard if your an lpn first you have a better chance of geting in. And the year or so I am on a waiting list, I can complete the lpn proram! I start Oct 4th and actually the school I will be attending has a 1 + 1 program where you have the option to transition to the rn program if you choose. Good Luck to everyone & never feel bad about a decision that you have made!!:redpinkhe
  7. FlawlessT

    Any new October students?

    CONGRATS EVERYONE!! I start Oct 4th & I'm anxious, nervous, stressed, & HAPPY!! I'm currently trying to spend as much time with my bf & family! Once I start I won't see them much because the school I will be attending is 2hrs away! But I keep telling myself it will be worth it in the end!! Good Luck to everyone!!:redpinkhe
  8. FlawlessT

    Graduating today

  9. Hi lovemybabies2! Can u elaborate on the program a lil? Are they accredited, do credits transfer, how much it cost etc... Thanks!
  10. Hi all! I was wondering if anyone has attended this program or knows someone who has. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  11. FlawlessT

    new CNA going into LPN program next year

    WOW!! You have a lot to consider! First YES it can be done w/ dedication & organization. As far as working @ a hospital vs nursing home: I feel that @ the hospital you will learn and see more, but does the hospital utilize LPN's there? It would be a waste to start working there and take out a student loan if there is no job waiting for you. I personally like the 2 12hrs shifts, thats what I work, because it gives you 5 days to focus on school and family etc... just my opinion though! You have some decisions to make, I would sit down and write the pro's & con's of working @ both & just go from there! Good Luck!!
  12. FlawlessT

    Hondros College of Nursing - Input??????

    Allforthefam- Thanks for the great advice! Yea I wass actually going to purchase a Littman before school starts, I have been hearing their the best!! And as far as flashcards, I have been buying them all summer!! Can never have too many! I have access to CAMS now, but don't see any syllabus on there yet, but I check it daily! Good Luck & Thanks again!!
  13. The reason I am doing LPN first is because I have spent the last year and a half doing pre req's for an RN program only to be told I will be on a wait list for a year possibly two. I applied to a private LPN school & got right in. My pre req's transfer so all I have to do is nursing courses. And it is only an 11 month program! So now I will be able to work as an LPN while persuing my RN!
  14. FlawlessT

    Getting ready to take my HESI...need a little help

    Hi Aimee280! I took the Hesi for PN! And I have a few tips for the math, memorize ratios part over whole, memorize the conversions gram-kg. As soon as you get to the testing site & they give you scrap paper write it all down so when you have those problems you will have something to look at. I did this and it helped alot!! Good Luck & keep studying!!
  15. FlawlessT

    Getting ready to take my HESI...need a little help

    Hi! Try math.com, quizlet.com, studystack.com, just to get u started! Good Luck!!