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Online PN classes?

  1. 0 Are there any on-line LPN classes out there?
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    Was curious if there are any schools that offer on-line LPN classes?
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    You may be able to complete some prerequisites online but the actual LPN program would have to done in person. Nursing involves learning hands on skills and working hundreds of hours in clinical placements to gain practical experience.
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    If there was you wouldn't want to do it!
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    Quote from HippyDippyLPN
    If there was you wouldn't want to do it!
    I agree!
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    Google is your friend.....but there will always be clinical/lab time that is required for how do you learn how to care for patients without touching one.
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    If you are in Canada, Norquest College offers it by distance education. And you go to Edmonton for the practicums.
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    Thanks everyone. I purchased the Get your RN Faster book a while back. The book mentioned colleges that would allow distant learning by setting up practicals at a local hospital or care facility. I want to get my LPN and bridge into a RN program. I would prefer taking classes at a local college but very few offer night classes, hence making them harder to get into. Being a dad and the fact my check is required to keep my family above water, I'm just looking at different avenues to reach my goal. I have looked at some of the sites mentioned in my Google searches, but they seem to link to a third party company interested in helping you locate a school. When I go to some of the school sites they mention as having an online program, turns out they don't? Anyhow, I'm enjoying this site and reading how people are pursuing their own goals.
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    If you live in Oregon they have Florence Nightingale school of nursing online but still some class work