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Is anyone here starting McFatter's LPN program in January '09? I am and wanted to see if any future classmates are on here. :nuke: :nurse:-Sabrina... Read More

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    ladymahogany- I really like the program. I feel like I'm learning alot. Its alot of reading but its not too horribly hard. I'm enjoying myself there. My classmates are super nice too.

    darklight-I started in January too. Are you full time or part time?
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    I am going full-time. Trying to finish as soon as possible so I can go on to ASN, BSN, etc. I have a long, long way to go.
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    hey, i want to start my lpn course in august 09 at sheridan tech, anyone who finished their term 1 studies and would like to share it with me please, thanks.
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    hey..... im planning to go ATC in coconut creek for pln program..
    i was really confused about what to do.... (medical assisting,lpn or nursing) i have a 4 months babyboy, and i dont really have the time to do my RN....
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    Quote from FutureNurse83
    Is anyone here starting McFatter's LPN program in January '09? I am and wanted to see if any future classmates are on here.

    When I read the title of this post I thought it was going to examine why nursing students get fat in school, LOL.
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    My 2 cousins graduated from McFatter in 05 and 07. They both agreed that McFatter is tough and you'll get a better education from there; but Sheridan has less drama going on there (Their mother switched schools from McFatter to Sheridan halfway through her term.) I personally think that it's hard working with women in general. I see it all the time in the hospital I work at.
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    I start term 1 at McFatter Aug. 24. I don't really need a laptop, do I?
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    No you don't need a laptop. A rolling backpack is a great thing to get though to carry all the books!
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    What a relief! Thanks.
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    Hello! I am considering going to Mcfatter in January if I do not get into the RN program @ BC or FAMU. The orientation I will be attending is sept. 24 and i just want to know how the TEAS were? I just took the HESI @ FAU in august and just wanted to know if it is similar to the TEAS? i was exempt from the TABE test because I have a two year degree from BC (A.A. degree in nursing).
    I am currently @ FIU to bring up my GPA for BC & FAMU's program but if I do not get in I will continue with Mcfatter. Also, FIU just closed there LPN to BSN september of 2008 because I would have been applied if they kept it going.

    Write back please.

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