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  1. MissMercy25

    McFatter LPN Program

    My 2 cousins graduated from McFatter in 05 and 07. They both agreed that McFatter is tough and you'll get a better education from there; but Sheridan has less drama going on there (Their mother switched schools from McFatter to Sheridan halfway through her term.) I personally think that it's hard working with women in general. I see it all the time in the hospital I work at.
  2. MissMercy25

    Sheridan Technical LPN Program 2009

    When you go to register for the TABE which I took on the 5th of March, you will be given a workbook to study from. But if you go on Sheridan's website you will find the same studyguide on there. It will prepare you for the test because it will let you know what you need to work on. The highest you can get on the tests is a 12.9 on each section (I got a 12.4 in Math, 12.9 on English, and a 12.9 on Science). As for the TEAS, that test if definetly a bit trickier. I would suggest going to the website from which you will be taking the test at the school (www.atitesting.com), registering with the site(which you will end up doing anyways during the LPN Orientation that's after you pass the TABE) so you can purchase the TEAS Online Practice Assesment for $30. The assesment comes with two tests that similates taking the real test. I wouldn't suggest getting the book unless you have money to spare. I just dotted down the Q +A that I got incorrect as I did them so I could study them. The book in my opinion is a waste of money. The school calls you a few days after the TABE/mails you your results. The TEAS results you get right immediately. By the Grace of :bowingpur God I passed considering my nerves were overstimulating my bladder and I had to rush through the test... :offtopic: Anyways, study everything on those practice tests and you should be fine. Good luck and God Bless!!
  3. MissMercy25

    Sheridan Technical LPN Program 2009

    Before you can start the program you have to do Core which is 5 weeks long in class or 9 weeks online with only 4 days out of the 9 weeks that you need to be in class in person. Next class starts up for Core on June 8th. You can be exempt from taking Core if you meet the criteria which includes having an active CNA license and be CPR certified.