January Lpn start?!?

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    Im sooo excited starting11 month lpn program Jan 7 in Michigan and I can't wait. Who else is Jan start? How long is ur program? R u nervous? Excited?

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    I start Monday 0_o been freaking out all week. Just trying to get my ducks in a row so nothing stands in my way. I'm in a 10 month program. I just keep telling myself, I can handle anything for 10 months.... just hang in there. I'm in California
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    I am starting at the end of the month , am very happy and can't wait to wear again my scrubs ! I passed yesterday my entrance exam , and looking forward to carry my books and hopes for a new good 2013
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    I am also starting January 7th I'm excited my orientation is tomorrow my program is 15 months tho I'm super nervous and I'm in nj
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    I start January 22nd in Pittsburgh & am too very excited. Seems so far away when it really isn't though...
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    I am starting Monday as well! Super nervous and excited... I'm in California and i will graduate in January!
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    I'm from Michigan and I start my 12 month program Tuesday. I am both excited and nervous. Wish everyone success in their program!
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    I start Monday at 7:30 am!! Five days a week for 11 months. Clinical 3 days a week and classes 2 days a week. I would like to bottle this enthusiasm we all have and be able to med myself with it in the coming weeks when that morning alarm makes me want to cry and test anxiety makes me nauseous!!!!!
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    Lol studentforever just breathe and chillax or you will be a , well, studentforever.... lol lame joke ikr? Nothing gets u more relaxed thn a bad joke right?!? U will be fine.
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    I start on Monday too. I couldn't sleep last night, because I was thinking about it. I'm so freaked out and nervous, lol. I'm in Orlando.

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