Infection Control - Easy Way To Remember Your Precautions

  1. 4 airborne precautions:
    "my chicken has tb, so sad"
    measels (rubeola) ; chicken pox ; h1n1 ; tb ; sars ; smallpox

    -- n95 respirator mask - wear before going into room ; take off when you come out of room
    -- negative pressure room/private room/ door closed
    -- patient wears surgical mask when transporting
    -- limit patient transport

    droplet precautions :
    this is a little saying i made up my self - i hope it helps
    " mmerp has been good dolly"
    meningitis ; mumps ; epiglottitis; rubella (german measels) ; pertussis ; hib ; bacterial pneumonia ; group a strep ; diptheria

    -- surgical mask when within 3 feet of the patient (put mask on in room)
    -- private room
    -- pt should wear surgical mask when transporting
    -- limit pt's transport
    -- pts affected w/ same organism may cohort (share room)

    contact precautions:

    i made this one up too - its stupid but it helped lol
    "hi ms. v! hrrv my caring knight"
    herpes simplex virus; infected pressure ulcers ; major skin wound/burn infection ; sars ; vacciana (cow pox) ; herpes zoster (shingles) ; rsv ; rotavirus ; vre ; mrsa ; clostridum difficle ; klebsiella pneumonia

    hrrv = kind supposed to be like hru (how are you)

    -- gloves & gown before entering room
    -- private room/ cohort
    -- remove gloves + gowns before leaving room
    -- change gloves after contact with infected material
    -- dedicate equipment to pt ; leave equipment in room

    so yea.. just thought i would share how i studied my infection control - i hope this helped!
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    S - Sepsis
    S - Scarlet fever
    S - Streptococcal pharyngitis
    P - Parvovirus B19
    P - Pertussis
    P - Pneumonia
    I - Influenza
    D - Diptheria (Pharyngeal)
    E - Epiglottitis
    R - Rubella
    M - Mumps
    M - Meningitis
    M - Mycoplasma or meningeal pneumonia
    An - Adenovirus
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    thanks for sharing, it's great that you can get creative, sometimes you need to, right?
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    I thought that SARS was now being considered Airborne...can someone correct me or clarify this.

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    I thought that SARS was now being considered Airborne...can someone correct me or clarify this.

    SARS is considered airborne - It is written underneath airborne, but its also in Contact -- in my review book there was a chart listing which was contact, airborne, and droplet and SARS was listed under both airborne and contact.
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    Thank you .

    And with airborne contact precautions, the only one that needs to have door closed is TB and Measels, right?
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    These are great! Wish that I had thought of these while in nursing school!
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    This information has been here all along, it just that sometimes we wait until the last minute to look at resources.
    What better place than this site? Where we can find the awesome experience of nurses; some of whom are educators, and students who are creative to find ways to make things easier.
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    While we cannot offer medical advice......the CDC is a great place to check the facts.
    CDC - Tuberculosis (TB)

    But if someone coughing can spread stands to reason that smoking after someone infected with TB or a common cold can cause an infection.
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    I love things like this! Keep them coming!
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    thanks for the tip!

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