I'm curious...did you have to pay for uniform?

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    Hello everyone, I'm a little curious if you were required to pay separately for your uniform and books or if they were included in your tuition. Can you include your state and amount of tuition. I'm in MI, my tuition is $8000 and I pay for my own uniforms and books.
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    Hi. I'm in south eastern PA. My tuition is $12,000. The books were included in the tuition, but the uniform was not. My uniform consists of two scrub tops with school patch, two scrub bottoms, and white jacket with school patch and all only came to $98
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    Hi SushiJoe. We had to pay a seat deposit which includes 2 patches, scissors, pen light, stethoscope. Our clinical uniform is a minimum of 2 scrubs, white lab jacket, white tie up or slip on shoes, white socks/hose and a white watch. I paid for those and some extra scrubs to wear to class.
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    Tuition 9500, books and uniforms not included, yes we have to buy them separately.
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    California here. Tuition $6000, includes books. Paid separately for uniforms -- about $30 for 2 scrub tops with school embroidery, $65 for 2 pairs of white Koi scrub pants, and around $40 for long-sleeve wicking tshirts for under my scrub top (we have the option of a scrub jacket or wearing long sleeve tees when we're cold) and support/compression socks. My Danskos were given to me as a gift by a dear friend.
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    In 2008 tuition was about 10,000. included a stethoscope and scissors.
    We had to pay for books and uniforms, white uniforms for clinical, blue scrubs for when we were in lab.
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    Private nonprofit LVN program in southern California in 2005. Although books, uniforms, and a stethoscope were all included, keep in mind that tuition was a whopping $19,995. Today, this same school charges nearly $30,000 for the same LVN program.

    I would have saved more money by paying cheaper tuition and while purchasing the required books and uniforms myself.
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    Tuition is about $6000, books, uniforms, and supplies are seperate. I'm in OK.
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    My tuition was about 3.5k for LPN program, malpractice and all fees included. Books were another 800$. We did have to buy our own uniforms and supplies.

    I went to a community college which was 52$ a credit hour.
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    My LPN program costs over $12,000 (in district around $7,000), uniforms and books seperate. I spent $678 on books and about $150 for the clinical uniforms. Im in MA, hopefully it all pays off in the end!

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