How Many students have dropped out of your LVN program?

  1. 0 We started with 33 students and now we're down to 24. We just had our cardio final last Thursday and many of my classmates failed! Are the drop rates that bad in all the other LVN programs!?!?!?
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    Well it's been 18 years since my LPN program, but we started with 30 students and at the end only 10 of us graduated! I think that is still pretty typical for most programs.
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    On our campus we started with 22 & now down to 10. Sum dropped or got dropped(attendence, personal reason, just stopped coming, showed up 4 orientation & never came back) the 1st semester(summer) & we were just taking nutrition & dosage calculations.
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    Started with 66, graduated with 28 of the original 66 plus 3 or 4 who had failed a semester from a class a head of us.
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    I had no idea the attrition rate was so high!
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    I think it depends on the school as well. The drop rate if any is very low at my college and most classes have 100% pass rate when taking the nclex the first time around.
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    My had a 100% NCLEX pass rate for all graduating classes on all of the campuses.
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    Started with 55 i think we are down to 49. Just about to start the 4th week.
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    Started with 60, graduated 14
    School has a 98-100% pass rate
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    Quote from Kimynurse
    Started with 60, graduated 14
    School has a 98-100% pass rate
    Whoa buddy! Lol!
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    NCLEX pass rate
    Ooops did I forget that
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    Started with 22 down to 16 after 8 weeks of classes
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    This is for an RN class, I just looked through the class schedules for the first semester students (which I'm not in yet). Right before classes started they had 101 enrolled. Now after the first week, they have 94.

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