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So, i'm hoping to start an lpn program in January which will be M-F 8am-4pm (class) and 6:45am-3pm (clinicals). It last 12 months and tuition is $13,000. I have 3 kids. Two will need to be in before/after school care and one will... Read More

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    My LPN program (many years ago) had the same schedule. I went to school M-F and worked EVERY SINGLE Saturday and Sunday in a grocery store. For a year. It sucked completely, but I did it.

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    How can you not qualify for assistance like food stamps and day care assistance when you have 1 income and 5 people living in a household. Are you sure? Cause that sounds crazy!
    It's called being lower middle class. Too "rich" for assistance. Too "poor" to live comfortabley. And yes i'm sure, I have looked into and applied to everything I know of and we don't qualify.

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