Has Any One Taken The Teas Test?

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    I would like to know if anyone has taken the teas test. Also I would like to know what book did you study from any info that you might have.:uhoh21:

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    I bought a book from amazon.com. I had several people tell me though to just go to the library and check out the GED study guide. I thought the teas was very easy. Basic math, maybe a few pre-algebra problems like 5=x+1. English was reading a story and then answering question but you couldn't look at the story to answer the questions so make sure you read the stories well and understand what's going on. The test was alot like the GED study guide so if you don't want to buy it you can check it out at the library.

    Good luck!
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    I found a free Kaplan nursing school entrance exam book. It didn't help much for the TEAS. As a matter of fact, after I took the test I realized that the only studying that was helpful was algebra review and metric conversions. I think I missed every metric conversion question they threw at me and I still got a 90% overall.
    I've been out of high school for 12 years and was surprised at the things I was able to recall for the test.
    My opinion of the TEAS is that it is a test of the basics of every subject.
    There is a study guide from ATI that you can buy from their website. I thought it was WAY too expensive so I didn't buy it but you might be able to find it at the library or ebay.
    I hope this helps and good luck.
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    I know, I know....this topic doesn't have anything to do with an lvn/lpn discussion, but I have to ask something that has been killing me......Has ANYONE out there took the TEAS assessment for entrance into a nursing program???I take the test next friday (12/14) and I dont have a study guide. I'm freakin out here!!!!!! I just want to get an overview of what will be on it and what the questions are like. If anyone have the answer, PLEASE reply and put me out of my misery. Thanks.

    P.S- I think I'll go post this on the RN boards too. lol
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    its not that bad. i thought it was some what of a review of the things you should know. A little above basic. I didn't study at all and got an 87%. Its do-able... (and i suck at math!)
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    I can't give you a good assessment because I bought the review book and studied for a month. I got a 92%. (I got all the math right, my best subject).
    Good luck!
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    I would really suggest to get the book from atitesting.com. Get their study manual and study from it. It would definitely prepare you for the exam and when you think you're ready, take their online assessment test, then you will have some idea of how their exam is like. It's very basic science, math and english questions. I thought it was too easy though. I wouldn't suggest Kaplan then you'll over prepare yourself for it, especially on subjects you really won't need. There's one A&P question, so if you don't know it, it won't hurt you. You do need to know the basic chemistry. So get the manual it would definitely save you alot of trouble and time. I took mine this past Sunday and I really think it was a breeze. Best of luck.
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    The practice questions in the suggested ATI study guide were a million times more difficult than the actual Teas test. It's a very do-able test, the advice given to me was not to spend more than a minute-and-a-half on each question. There will be a time-remaining cue at the top of the screen which is very helpful.
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    Hey I have taken the TEAS and passed it with an overall of 88% and a national 95th percentile. Good luck everyone. My school uses it for the ADN program also, and all other health technologies major.

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