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  1. I would like to write about the Jewish nurse that cared for the Pittsburgh synagogue shooter for my ethics course and would like your opinions. What is the best nursing theory that the compassionate nurse exhibited toward the racist patient/synagogue shooter? There are so many nursing theories, I am not sure where to begin. Thank you all in advance. Link to the story is below. Jewish Nurse Treated Suspected Pittsburgh Synagogue Shooter | Time
  2. RescueNinja2013

    Saint Xavier Chicago FNP Program

    Hello gmhrn, I just applied to SXU''s fnp program on March 01st. How do you like it so far? What do you find most challenging? Were you interviewed after being accepted? How were you notified of your acceptance? Please message me so we can chat further! Thanks!
  3. RescueNinja2013

    Saint Xavier University FNP Program

    Hello everyone! I know I should've inquired sooner, but I just submitted my application for SXU FNP program for Fall 2018. I am looking for a current or recently former student that would give insight on the programs: professors, clinical sites, preceptors, scholarships, lectures, exams, etc... I really don't see much about the program on this site, hopefully my inquiry will change all that. Just spill your guts about the program lol. Thank you all so much in advance.
  4. Hello everyone! I am currently finishing up my BSN program with leadership, and my leadership preceptor is my unit nurse manager. We work in a small community hospital on a med-surg unit. I am stuck on writing my nursing objectives and need your help. I know that I want to learn what my nurse manager does as routinely as possible throughout her work day. I want to learn what goes on in "bed meetings" and other meetings. I just want to know what her position consists of so that I may appreciate it and have an understanding of how her position affects our unit. Maybe I'll want to be a nurse manager someday, I don't know at this time. Thanks in advance.
  5. Hello meanmaryjean! Thank you so much for replying! Why is your enrollment on hold?
  6. Thank you so much for your reply Murse901! I assume the MSN/FNP program at University of Memphis was all online? How long ago were you accepted in UoM? May I ask, why you didn't take the MSN program at WGU? -Sorry for all the direct questions. I'm starting my shift at the moment and trying to ask as much as I can before I start my day :).
  7. Hello my fellow nurses! It's great to be a part of such a wonderful online nursing community full of support. I am from Chicago, IL and currently looking into enrolling at Western Governors University's Online RN-to-BSN Program (possibly RN-to-MSN). For those of you that received your BSN or MSN degrees from WGU, what universities did you attend to obtain your DNP/FNP/PhD? Did you attend online? Also, did you have a difficult time enrolling? I ask because WGU has a "PASS/NOT PASS" grading system that will appear on official transcripts instead of actual letter grades. However, each PASS is equivalent to 3.0 GPA. I really don't want to have a difficult time seeking post-graduate universities to obtain an advanced nursing degree just because certain universities won't accept my transcripts due to said grading system. I would appreciate your informative responses. Thank you! :)
  8. RescueNinja2013

    Why am I staying so late after shift ends while others leave on time?

    Today, I actually clocked out at 11:28pm! And I got everything done. Six patients, two discharges to nursing homes. I came in, did my daily assessments, and just as I was about to check on my third patient, the nursing aide tells me that another patient I haven't seen yet, is having a seizure. So I rush to the med room to pull out the ativan and I'm preparing to give it IV push, and turns out the patient was faking. So I just did his vitals and assessment. Same with his roommate and continued on. Began charting and had two patients left to chart on, but paused to pass meds and deal with the usual chaos. I'm proud of myself tonight. Still didn't check on lab values like I wanted to, I only checked the ones I was alerted about on the Meditech status board. I did have a clinical instructor and nursing student call nursing home and give report on one discharge, so maybe that would've caused me to clock out at midnight, if it weren't for them. Let's see what tomorrow brings. Keep the advice coming please :-)
  9. I'm a new nurse, just started my current and first position on a medsurg unit a few months ago. I work 3 to 11pm and usually have 5-6 patients. When I come in, I get report, which seems like forever, haven't actually timed it, but I'm going to start and rush these other nurses. Round on my pts, do vital signs and daily assmts at the same time. Come back to computer and chart VS & DA, put in my 3 or more care plans. Write my notes for each pt. I leave my outcomes and I&Os for 2200 because it's basically end of shift and the measurements are more accurate at this time. After charting VSs, DAs, CPs, and Notes, I pass medications. Accuchecks. After passing 1700 meds, I chart them. Then I'm trying to complete the last two pt's that I didn't document anything on earlier. Meanwhile, it's chaos in between. 1900 nurses are coming onto shift and want their report. I don't even fill out those report sheets, I write on my own sheet and they just have to take notes. After, I'm still finishing up on documentation, and getting ready to pull and pass 2100 meds, more Accuchecks, etc... Of course chaos continues (pt's wanting this and that, new admission, or like yesterday, I had to DC a pt right when I came onto shift, but I made her wait until I did my routine, then I DC her about 1830). I had a new admission that arrived on the floor at 2005. So I had to do the whole shebang for her. I suck at med reconciliation, I usually get stuck and need help with entering that into MediTech. On a good day, I get out about 12am, but I'm usually out between 1 and 2am. I feel like such a slow poke, especially with other nurses getting out on time. What am I doing wrong? What is your routine if you work 3 to 11 shift? I don't even have time to go over lab values. If I see that they were in during morning shift, I figure that the morning nurse already reported abnormal or need-to-know labs to doctor. I don't think I work slow, I work as fast and as accurate as I can. I'm feeling incompetent, but I'm fighting through this. Any advice? Please.
  10. RescueNinja2013

    Nursing Interventions for Abnormal Situations

    Great! I appreciate it Brownbook!
  11. RescueNinja2013

    Nursing Interventions for Abnormal Situations

    Thank you all for your responses! I appreciate them, please keep them coming! Brownbook, you had me chuckling. What's on your cheat sheet for low and high BPs? C'mon, share the love lol.
  12. Hello everyone! I am a new nurse and just started my first position as such on a MedSurg/Tele unit. Recently, I had encountered patients of other nurses that have either been having a HR of 40, or one having a BP of 259/199 and in respiratory distress. So it had me thinking, in my textbooks, you always read about prevention of of this and that, but not "what to do" when "this or that" actually happens. I'm just more interested in what to do when something bad happens to a pt, especially before the Rapid Response Team arrives and during their response. I understand there is no cut and dry/black and white with each scenario, but just a generalized approach. Is there a textbook for nursing interventions for abnormal situations? If so, could you please post the title and ISBN (if possible)? Or direct me to a website or cheat sheet, something! Lol! I just don't want to be a deer in headlights when my pt begins to go sour.
  13. RescueNinja2013

    IV I&O Help

    Hello fellow nurses, I am a new nurse, barely began my first nursing job last month. and today I had a patient that had half a bag of 0.9 NS infusing at 75 mL/hr when I had arrived on the unit at 0700. I changed his very empty bag (which I feel crappy bout) at 1300 hours. When it was end of shift at 1500 hours, about 100 mL had already infused (infusion set with dial-a-flow). How was I supposed to calculate his I&O? Knowing that half a bag is 500 mL, I just added that to the 100 that already infused. But what is the correct formula/way to calculate IV I&O? How do I calculate when an infusion would be completed? I'm trying to be confident, but I guess I'm in the "shock" phase of being a new nurse. Please refrain from negative comments, I don't need my ego or self-confidence to go any lower at this point. I know that I'll come around, I'm hoping it's sooner than later. Thanks.
  14. Hi martina238612, for the most part, there are lots of nursing positions out there, it's the qualifications that must be met that make it seem so scarce, such as an ADN grad needing a BSN and just the fact that many facilities require 1-2 years experience.
  15. RescueNinja2013

    New Grad Nurse in Hem/Onc, Stem Cell Transplant

    Hi! Will NMH hire an ADN that will be starting a BSN program? I know some Magnet hospitals will hire ADNs as long as they complete their BSN in a certain timeframe. What do you think?
  16. RescueNinja2013

    Catch 22 to get certified or get a job in Oncology

    Thank you for responding RainieRN! Is this the book I need to obtain a chemo provider card? Would it be possible for me to obtain one before I get hired anywhere? This way I can add it to my resume.

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