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  1. RescueNinja2013

    Chicago lpn 2011-2012 students

    Hi Gosia, I had written so much crap about this program, just look up "Wright College LPN" in the search, you'll find it. I heard and read here that it was disorganized, which every program is to a certain extent, but this one takes the cake! If you work, be prepared to call off or get fired, because this program has no respect for the working student or a pregnant student, and they will tell you not to work if you don't have to and to not get pregnant. You can't really avoid instructors, as you don't get to choose them. Are you in the Day or Weekend session? For the first 16 weeks, which is Fund 1 & 2, and Perspectives courses. The first 8 wks are Fund 1 which you must pass to go to Fund 2, which is the next 8 wks. But during these courses, you'll also have a straight 16 wk course called Perspectives, which is nursing issues, ethics & law. You will also have skills lab & clinicals throughout the program. You MUST pass ALL to move on. For example, you could be getting straight A's in Fund 2 and in everything else, except a 'F in Skills Lab -you fail. Then you must take Fund 2 over again during the next admission (a year or so later). There are also ATI exams at the end of each semester (which you will NOT get your books for -long story), and you can be getting straight A's across the board, but if you fail that ATI exam on the 2nd try, you fail the program. It's not so cut & dry. And the director (who is supposed to be leaving, no replacement yet) is a real B*****. Hopefully you're lucky and won't have to deal with her. Be optimistic, but be realistic. I left the program because I was accepted into a RN program, but if this PN program was stable, I would have stayed and graduated in December this year. But I guess God has other plans for me. best of everything to you.
  2. RescueNinja2013

    Richard J. Daley College Class of 2013

    Hello dpostalfamily and congratulations! I have a facebook group named & for Daley College RN Class of 2013. Just copy & paste the title into the fb search box & request to join:nurse:. HOPE TO SEE YOU THERE SOON! :)
  3. RescueNinja2013

    Chicago lpn 2011-2012 students

    Thank you Trice. And Lovely, I wouldn't give up applying to other schools as a back up. This school is losing their director and supposedly doesn't even know who the next one will be -now, what does this say about the program in the future, if there is one. I lived it firsthand, you will be living it, so just take a little caution from this crystal ball. I'm an A student and yes, you have to work very hard in any program, but that's not going to count if the instructors aren't giving you the grades you deserve. I wish everyone the very best who wad accepted here. I know you want to be optimistic, like I was, but I also have to be realistic too. Hopefully the next director you get is a fair director and cleans house, because the hardworking students deserve it, like yourself :)
  4. RescueNinja2013

    Chicago lpn 2011-2012 students

    Hello again Lovely1206, if you buy them on your own you'll be paying twice for them, because they charge you for all ATI material with your tuition. If you buy them on your own, they're not going to refund you that money. Like you, I was just so excited to have my foot in the nursing door, but this school just kills that feeling for you. Every school has their bs, but this school takes the cake by far. I hope you're enthusiasm surpasses their disorganization.
  5. RescueNinja2013

    Chicago lpn 2011-2012 students

    BEST WISHES TO YOU LOVELY1206, you're going to need it. I was accepted into a RN program and leaving Wright for it. They are very disorganized by far, BY FAR. I'm not trying to discourage you, but prepare you. Just one example, the TEAS test is not the only ATI exam you're going to take, there are several that you must pass with 2 tries each, or you're kicked out. But here's the kicker, you are supposed to have 10 books and 6 dvds from the ATI company to prepare for these exams, and you won't see any of them for a loooong time. Our final for Fund 2 was today and that's when we got our books! When we should have gotten them super early to prepare. Some people failed and only have one more try -when their first try was cut short by not receiving the books to study for the test. THEN, because the books came late, this ATI Fund exam wasn't going to count as a "do or die" grade. Yet, today we were told that now that the books are here, the 2nd try will count and if you fail, you're out of the program. This is not even the HALF of it, you'll also be pulling teeth just to go over exams and dispute a grade -even when the instructor knows darn well she's wrong & proof is in the book. I wish you the very best though, I really do. I hope the program changes for the better soon. Congratulations.
  6. RescueNinja2013

    Daley College

    HELLO EVERYONE! I was at Daley yesterday and registered for the "new" Human Diversity Requirement we must take in order to graduate from Daley -not the np, and the program was said to run just under $15,000 -not including fees and exams. Btw, I'm taking Humanities 150 online -which is Women's Literature this summer to get that requirement out of the way. Such a bunch of BS.
  7. RescueNinja2013

    City Colleges of Chicago and HESI exit exam

    Hello everyone! I was just accepted into Daley's RN program and will start in Fall 2011. Does this HESI abolishment apply to me as well? My friend will be graduating sometime this month, and she scored below the preferred 850 (she scored 650), and said that she and whoever else failed -are required to take a review course, but are still allowed to sit for NCLEX-RN. So, I think this applies to me as well, but I want some hard proof . I've been dealing with CCC since 2006 and I'm not going to let some HESI take me down. Let me correct myself, my friend will OFFICIALLY graduate in the summer after she takes the new Human Diversity Requirement that was thrown at the RN students out of no where. Gotta love CCC .
  8. RescueNinja2013

    Fresenius Interview for 1st Time PCT Position

    Thank you for the reply, but I was actually accepted into RN school, so I gave up on dialysis tech training. Maybe in the future I'll work for Fresenius as a dialysis RN. It's a lot of work from what I've researched, kudos to you! Best wishes!
  9. RescueNinja2013

    Books on IV therapy?

  10. RescueNinja2013

    Anyone attend Daley College?

    I will be finishing up the first semester at Wright (having completed Fund 1 & 2), and I will be moving on to Daley's RN program in the fall 2011. Wright College's PN program is very disorganized & extremely frustrating & unfair. However, after several complaints to district, things are settling here and there, but still bad. There is NEVER a set schedule -it always changes. You never know what the day will be like, even the staff doesn't know whether they are coming or going. Next week we must take the ATI Fund exam and have NOT received any of the 9 ATI study books needed for the test, nor did we receive 6 DVDs -and we have 2 attempts at this exam & kicked out if you fail the 2x. We have to pull teeth to go over our exams and one teacher in particular -ALWAYS screws something up on her exams and we end up with a lower grade because of it, some students even failed. Now after many complaints to district, some things are trying to change, but who knows what changes will actually stick? And the DON/chair is "retiring" -which I think is bs & was just demoted. This is just in a nutshell -they are also VERY VERY rude & snotty & disrespectful. I had to really think about my decision based on my academic status, money, etc before accepting to go to Daley, which I heard changed for the better, such as lectures being 8 weeks at a time per subject, not all scrambled together the way they used to be. Also, HESI is demolished, so if you score below the required 850 (I believe it is at Daley), instead failing and thowing away 2 years of your life -you are just required to take a review course. I heard & know that it still has its' ups & downs, & disorganization, but I highly doubt that it's as bad as Wright. But no, the bridge is the same amount of time although it's 8 or 9 months. For example: If I were to remain at Wright, I would graduate in December of this year, 2011. I must wait about THREE to FIVE months before I can take the NCLEX-PN (which the school takes their sweet time with pprwrk, but that's not solely why you have to wait 3-5 mos). You are required to be a LICENSED PN before even applying to the bridge program. So, let's say the latest I take the NCLEX-PN is in May 2011 (which is 5 mos after graduation). Then the RN courses begin in the fall of 2012. So August 2012 to May 2013 is 09 months of the RN program. And yes, you must reapply -and there is NO guarantee you'll be accepted even if you graduated from Wright's PN program! There are only 40 or so seats available & they choose from other schools as well. --I'll be graduated from Daley in May 2013. Same time frame. The grass is NOT greener on this side. I know past and recent grads of the program, and this is exactly what's happening. I hope I gave you some insight.
  11. Hmmmm???? That's weird Yes, hopefully it's good news. Were you ever a nursing student before? I ask because your username looks familiar. Btw, I had created a Facebook group also for ALL CCC NURSING STUDENTS titled: City Colleges of Chicago Nursing Programs Feel free type/copy & paste the title in your search box on fb & request to join so I can accept. BEST WISHES!
  12. HELLO RUBY2623! A woman called me around 5pm yesterday. She said Dr. Gurney and her are swamped (which is to be expected). Were you accepted to Daley?
  13. I have talked to someone in district yesterday and out of 2200 applicants (so far counted, was 2100) 600 were accepted and are being placed amongst CCC, and said that they are done sending out acceptance emails and now they are sending out declination notices (I think those might be via email as well). Best wishes everyone. Also, if you were accepted into Daley College's RN program, I had created a fb group: DALEY COLLEGE RN CLASS OF 2013 It is a closed group solely for Daley RN students who will graduate in 2013. You must request to join. So far there are seven members, and some info regarding vaccination/CPR requirements posted. THANK YOU MUCH!
  14. Congratulations! I received a call from district that I was accepted and to still reply my intent via email which I boldly did -literally! Join the facebook group I had created which is still growing: Daley College RN Class of 2013!
  15. hello everyone and congratulations!!!! [color=#483d8b] [color=#483d8b]i had created a facebook group for daley rn students class of 2013. please search the title in the fb search box and request to join! there are members in there now spread the word!!!! congratulations again! [color=#483d8b] daley college rn class of 2013