An easy way to remember Anatomy??

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    Just finished our 4th week of school. So far so good until we had to start memorizing anatomy. Right now we are studying Integumentary System (test monday) & skeletal system (test on wed). I've read over and over again, but is there an easier way to try to remember every bone and everything else that goes with it?

    I'm stressing over this big time. Any help is appreciated
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    You might like this......instead of whack a mole it's whack a bone.......

    .Anatomy Arcade
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    Write over and over again. That works for me when it comes to memorization
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    I swear by flash cards!
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    Quote from Esme12
    You might like this......instead of whack a mole it's whack a bone.......

    .Anatomy Arcade
    THANK YOU FOR THIS!! Seriously, that site has a ton of really good games to learn things. Wow. I feel better about my test this Thursday now.
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    whack a bone is the bomb totally love it
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    FLASHCARDS! Flash cards were my savior when it came to Anatomy. took the final two weeks and got a 90 on it and 86 final grade, and without flash cards idk what i would have got!
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    Flash cards are your best friend for anything you need to memorize!
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    we did photos put into a powerpoint. one photo with arrows pointing to things we needed to know, the next one with the answers. kind of (exactly) like flashcards, but via the laptop/ipad/what have you and with photos from the models we would be tested from.
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    For my anatomy class i read each chapter aloud and recorded in 3-4 min intervals, then listened to each recording numerous times before moving on to the next. It's great to listen to while you drive, cook, clean, pretty much anywhere. I even did one head phone and cared for my kids while studying. I was one of 4 to pass with B- or above, so it must have worked!
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