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  1. ShadowPlanet

    GCC Weekend Day and MCC Late Start Info.

    Someone posted the schedules for GCC in https://allnurses.com/arizona-nursing/maricopa-nursing-program-968815.html
  2. ShadowPlanet

    BIO 141..can I get an A with no solid foundation

    If your school offers tutoring, use it. Also, it might help if you post the title of the class.. BIO141 means nothing.. at my school, there's no such thing. Is it general biology? Anatomy? Microbiology?
  3. ShadowPlanet

    Maricopa Waiting List / Placement / Timestamps 2010+

    The current application packet (found at nursing.maricopa.edu) estimates $8,541 for everything including tuition, though YMMV. PV has donated scrubs for $5/set instead of like $20 each piece. They're from previous students and the money goes to the student nurse organization, check to see if Gateway offers them too. I got a Littmann Lightweight II SE stethoscope on Amazon for $35 when they were on sale and had coupons. They're still on sale but I don't think there are any coupons now. If you need more vaccinations, go to Costco- they're the cheapest if you don't have insurance. Flu was $15 and Hep B has been $65/each. Everywhere else I priced wanted around $130 for each HepB shot. I went to Banner for my phyiscal and that + titers for HepB & Varicella was $165. Community Wellness has a bunch of locations Livescan Fingerprinting from $10,TB Test $25, Hearing & Vision Screening, CPR Classes, Id Photos, Flu Shots Arizona Phoenix Scottsdale Peoria Mesa Tempe Gilbert Glendale - Community Wellness & Safety of Arizona and they have $20 TB testing. I did my CPR with a guy that PV recommended and it was $45.
  4. ShadowPlanet

    Maricopa Nursing Program Schedules PVCC & GCC???

    I start traditional block 1 (NUR151) at PVCC next week. Looks like my schedule will be 0800 - 1400 on Tuesdays. On Wednesdays & Thursdays it's 0800 - 1630 until clinicals start in March and then one of the days will be off-site from 0630 - 1900 and if I'm reading it correctly, the other day will be at school in skills labs from 0800 - 1630. Orientation is Thursday so if I'm mistaken, I'll be corrected then. :)
  5. ShadowPlanet

    Maricopa Waiting List / Placement / Timestamps 2010+

    I waited almost exactly 2 years. You should look into one of the CEP options, there's no wait list for those.
  6. ShadowPlanet

    Maricopa Waiting List / Placement / Timestamps 2010+

    Thanks!! My orientation is January 15th but I found out they don't care what color stethoscope we have at PVCC. They have used scrubs for sale but I need to check back in when winter break is over to see if they have any in my size. I will look for a manual BP cuff because I have no experience with that! Thanks for the tip. And bandage scissors. Are dansko's the most comfortable/highest quality? Where's a good store in the Phoenix metro area that sells good quality shoes? Thank you so much! I'm pretty excited.
  7. ShadowPlanet

    Maricopa Waiting List / Placement / Timestamps 2010+

    Dumb question, but I can't find a list of supplies on the Maricopa nursing site (or anywhere). Do we need our own stethoscope? Can it be any color? Amazon is having a pretty awesome deal on Littman's right now AND has a coupon for $5 off of that and the burgandy one is the cheapest by far at $34.95 after the coupon. I thought that was a decent price for off-brand scopes, but Amazon has some for $6 also..
  8. ShadowPlanet

    moving to Phoenix az

    If you don't want to be on a waiting list, private schools are your only option.. unless you qualify for one of the concurrent enrollment programs out there.. but I'm not sure those won't have wait lists. I personally would never go to a private school. The tuition is too high, credits don't generally transfer and the nurses I know (including a nurse recruiter at one of the biggest hospitals in Arizona) have strongly advised against it.
  9. ShadowPlanet

    Rio Salado HCR 240 Pathophysiology

    I haven't taken that class, but I have taken others at rio. I think some quizzes and exams are timed and you typically only get one attempt. For the math and science courses I've taken through rio, the midterms and final exams were in person at either a rio test site or through a proctor. The book packagestore are required if you need to use software or some thing else that requires an access code. If you don't need the access code you could rent or buy the book used. To be sure though, email your professor.
  10. ShadowPlanet

    moving to Phoenix az

    Your best bet is through the community college system, unless you like wasting a ton of money on private school tuition. The downside is that there is a a 2+ year waiting list for the community colleges and that is AFTER you have completed the prerequisites and passed the HESI entrance exam. For more information, check out nursing.maricopa.edu
  11. ShadowPlanet

    Maricopa Waiting List / Placement / Timestamps 2010+

    Has anyone received information on starting Spring 2015? Specifically, at SCC? I submitted my confirmation of intent on the 11th (due the 14th) and have not received anything. I can't log into the Application Status page anymore either.
  12. ShadowPlanet

    Maricopa Waiting List / Placement / Timestamps 2010+

    I just got my placement notification!!! For Spring 2015 at SCC. I can't seem to find my time stamp on my application status page but I applied in December 2012. I'm so excited and nervous and just feel.. surreal! I thought I'd be tapped for Spring 2015 but I wasn't really counting on it. :) Now I guess I really gotta light the fire under my butt and get all my immunizations and everything in order. Good luck everyone!!
  13. ShadowPlanet

    I'm so excited! :)

    Oh, sorry for the confusion. School A (my current school) has a 2 year waitlist, that can be shortened if you volunteer at Hospital A. School B has a 4 year wait list, that can be shortened by volunteering at the hospital I currently volunteer at. I think I'm just going to volunteer at Hospital A though. I used to be a pharmacy technician (even went to private school for it, which is another reason I don't want to go that route again) so I'm pretty good with dosage calculations, but I do need to refresh. Thank you for all of your advice and book recommendations!
  14. ShadowPlanet

    I'm so excited! :)

    I finished A&P1 this semester, completing my pre-requisites! Today, my application to nursing school got submitted! There's a long wait list (roughly 2 years, that can be reduced if I volunteer at a different hospital that partners with my school, or 4 years with a semester or two reduction if I go through the school that partners with the one I'm at currently) through the community colleges here, and I've got a pseudo-mentor that is a nurse recruiter at the hospital I volunteer at/want to work for who advised me to stay away from the private schools here. I've got co-requisites for the ADN and BSN programs to take while waiting. What else should I be doing to prepare? I'm planning on taking a CNA course next semester to get some exposure in the meantime. What books would you recommend? Is it too early to buy supplies (stethoscope mainly)? Thank you!
  15. ShadowPlanet

    Taking A&P I and Nutrition

    Get the anatomy book for your class and start studying.