Balancing Nursing school while being a single parent? - page 2

Hi, I'm currently in the process of enrolling into MCI for LPN. I'm wondering if there's any single parents that have gone through or are currently going through nursing school? How do you balance... Read More

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    Sorry I'm late in reading/responding but thanks guys! I'm hopefully starting MCI in either March or May. I know I can do it. I guess I'm more worried on if I'll be able to have time for my 1yr old while I'm school.

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    Quote from FutureFabNurse
    I just enrolled in MCI and start on the 28th. I'm also a single parent of a 4 yr old. I have the support of my family and my son's dad so as long as you have a great support system that will give you that time to study then you will do great!! What state are you in?
    Congrats to you for starting soon! I'm in the Va Beach of Virginia. My daughter's dad is not in the picture at all but I have my mom and sister's support.

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