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    How far is Conroe from San Antonio??

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    I'm a new grad in the Detroit area and I was offered $23/hr at a LTC facility.
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    $24 an hour at an assisted living/LTC. I work night shift and I've been an LPN for almost 6 months.
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    I've been a LPN for almost 17 years and have done mainly MDS and a bit of floor nursing. The most I have made in MS. is $21 an hour and the least was $11.75 an hour in 1996.
    I have been miserable in LTC for several years so sought to go in a new direction. I started a job in a wound care clinic this week as a Safety Director/Hyperbaric Tech. and am making $17 an hour. However, I will get 19 PTO days per year, medical, dental, vision and 401k plus weekends and holidays off. The money isn't great but the benefits make up for it.
    Oh, and I will go to Florida for a week in December for training with all expenses paid. In addition, my husband is going with me so since we are driving, I will be reimbursed for mileage and gas.
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    I agree with you I'm a CNA in New Jersey and I make $14.75 and $16 on the weekends
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    Houston TX.
    Office/clinic Setting
    NO previous experience
    $38,000 yr ($18.xx hr)+ lots of perks (free vaccines, flu shots, cpr) and AWESOME benefits (affordable health, vision, dental, life, 401K $1 for $1 up to 5%.) + room for advancement and lots of education and certification opportunities.

    I'm happy with that. The benefits are really great.
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    Do you work in a LTC facility?
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    OK, I'll update you.

    I work in Alberta, Canada. Our $ is at par with yours.

    Top paystep. $32/hr. $5 nightshift pay, $3.25 for evenings, $3.25 for weekends. That is per hour and they double. So a weekend night is worth an extra $8.25/hour.

    Pension plan. Paid sick time. Three weeks paid vacation after one year, four after ten years. Four emergency leave days a year. Overtime is double time. Two stat holidays a year where the pay is double time instead of 1.5.

    I'm union and in acute care.

    Non-union sites pay very close to this rate to be able to have staff.
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    The pay is really high in Canada! Mabye I should move there? How much do you pay in taxes though?
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    Quote from Fiona59
    OK, I'll update you.


    I'm union and in acute care.

    Non-union sites pay very close to this rate to be able to have staff.
    Ah union! I wish we had that south of the border. Canada is such a humane nation.

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