what not to ask at orientation

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    true comment: a prospective future lvn asked the head instructor for the lvn program "do we have to be certified in first aid also?" it was this person's 5th time trying to get into the lvn program - scary - thank god she didn't get in. talk about giving the nursing profession a bad name!!

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    I don't get it. When i got in, i didn't have to be certified. I don't think it's a stupid question to ask.
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    I took First Aid AFTER I got out of nursing school and had worked medsurg for a year. I went up into the mountains to be a camp nurse for a summer, and needed First Aid skills that were never taught in any hospital clinical training I'd ever had. Specific education for specific areas of work. I'm now in ER, doing trauma- that took more training too.

    Did you mean to imply the person couldn't pass her First Aid class and still wanted to be a nurse?

    I stopped at an accident scene one time, a person who self identified as a home health nurse wanted me to roll a non breathing trauma victim on his side so he wouldn't vomit. NOT! I asked if he was breathing, she didn't know but "he has a pulse so he's OK", what part of the ABCs did she not get? Nursing school doesn't teach first aid (but the ABCs are pretty mandatory
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    I don't get it either.
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    We took first aide cert and CPR my first section of LPN school, before we ever hit the floor for clinical. I had already had all of it because of being a lifeguard. If you are afraid of doing first aid sort of stuff, then you shouldn't be a nurse!!!!!!!!!!
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    It became mandatory in our nursing home at least two years ago. The hospital teaches the class and every two years we have to go back to class and renew. It was a good thing for me because we have to have it before we even get in our RN program. Also we have to have a CNA class or be certified and working as a CNA to get in our program. Is that new or has that always been the case?

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    I work at a large teaching hospital, one that serves patients from all over Florida. None of the nursing staff are required to be CPR certified but we have to demonstrate our skills once per year.
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    I get it!! I had to take CPR class before entering nursing school. I thought this was the norm for the most part. Apparently it isn't.
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    Right, which is why i don't feel it was right for this person to be made fun of for asking that question.
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    We had to be CPR certified prior to starting our nursing classes, too. It was mandatory prior to starting our first clinical rotation in our first quarter of basic nursing. It had to remain in effect until we graduated also. So, if anyone's expired prior to graduation, they had to get recertified before going to clinical.

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