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  1. by   dreeea
    Quote from marialou
    started at 17/hr 2003 ,now its 25/hr working in SNF in orange county ca
    wow lol what Facility are you working for , are they hiring ?
  2. by   busybri09
    I actually have a question regarding salaries. I will be graduating in March 13' for my LPN. I'm moving to Horn Lake, MS (just outside Memphis, TN) afterwards. I'm trying to figure out what an entry level/ new graduate LPN salary or hourly pay would be. I'm from PA and the starting rate around here is 18-22/hr. I've googled a lot of different sites, but have pretty much come up empty handed. Does anyone know the LPN salary or have an idea? Thanks
  3. by   nursegreene
    Quote from marla23112
    There are lots of them. Greenkey, Pathway, Access, Excu_search to name a few. Hope this helps. You can Google them for contact info.
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  4. by   Babygirlivy
    Just got a job today!!! 1st nursing job at a PEDS office in Silver Springs and Rockville, Maryland. 18/hr to start. Reviews and raises every 6 months and bonuses during the year. And a yearly allowance for scrubs. I am so excited! I start Monday!!
  5. by   Alicia001
    Been and LPN for 25yrs currently in RN school working Hospice no benefits $20-$23 hr in Southern Florida
  6. by   pookyp
    Quote from Alicia001
    Been and LPN for 25yrs currently in RN school working Hospice no benefits $20-$23 hr in Southern Florida
    Where in south Florida? What school are you attending?
  7. by   2bNurseMustang
    New lpn grad 19.00 rehab.... and 18.00 private duty..... St.Louis,Mo
  8. by   HDHRN
    I worked in facility and was making 17.74. Now I do home health and make $28 per visit. I am in Dayton, Oh. Luckily my hubby has good benefits. So me and our son are covered underneath him.
  9. by   rayshettab
    FT oncology LPN w benefits $24.42 in Maryland. ...
  10. by   LTCNS
    LPN with 18 years experience in Mississippi. Working as an Intake Specialist at a home health company. $40,000 per year. Medical, dental, vision, 401k, stock option, holidays off, generous vacation and PTO, etc...Salary is about average for the state with my experience.
  11. by   LovelyOverload
    LTAC $21 and $18.25 in LTC.. OKC No previous nursing experience.
  12. by   JUSTanLPN
    $17/hr living in Mississippi working agency in Memphis.
  13. by   sharkbacon
    New nurse, first job $13.75/hr in rural Illinois. I'm looking for something else, though, I feel underpaid...