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  1. by   NurseFreeSpirit
    21.00 an hr in North Carolina and I am a new Grad
  2. by   dixeechicken
    I'm also and ER LVN managing the fast track dept. I'm only allowed a pt load of 4 however. I'm at 18.97/hr - i work 4 12s a week and gross about 49,000 (because of the extra shift each week).
  3. by   nrsejohn
    but COL is high there as well I paid 100/mo for a 1bedroom with utilities paid..but SoCal is exciting and the climate is usually great..so you get what you pay for..i miss SoCal..anybody out there from O'ahu..and can give me the lowdown on hawaii nursing esp on O'ahu??
  4. by   egibson83
    first nursing job, small town tx LTC night shift $16/hr no benifits, no shift diff
  5. by   Carjar10
    How far is Conroe from San Antonio??
  6. by   Futurenurse108
    I'm a new grad in the Detroit area and I was offered $23/hr at a LTC facility.
  7. by   DreamyEyes
    $24 an hour at an assisted living/LTC. I work night shift and I've been an LPN for almost 6 months.
  8. by   LTCNS
    I've been a LPN for almost 17 years and have done mainly MDS and a bit of floor nursing. The most I have made in MS. is $21 an hour and the least was $11.75 an hour in 1996.
    I have been miserable in LTC for several years so sought to go in a new direction. I started a job in a wound care clinic this week as a Safety Director/Hyperbaric Tech. and am making $17 an hour. However, I will get 19 PTO days per year, medical, dental, vision and 401k plus weekends and holidays off. The money isn't great but the benefits make up for it.
    Oh, and I will go to Florida for a week in December for training with all expenses paid. In addition, my husband is going with me so since we are driving, I will be reimbursed for mileage and gas.
  9. by   Sharls237
    I agree with you I'm a CNA in New Jersey and I make $14.75 and $16 on the weekends
  10. by   oldlvn
    Houston TX.
    Office/clinic Setting
    NO previous experience
    $38,000 yr ($18.xx hr)+ lots of perks (free vaccines, flu shots, cpr) and AWESOME benefits (affordable health, vision, dental, life, 401K $1 for $1 up to 5%.) + room for advancement and lots of education and certification opportunities.

    I'm happy with that. The benefits are really great.
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  11. by   lakergurl247
    Do you work in a LTC facility?
  12. by   Fiona59
    OK, I'll update you.

    I work in Alberta, Canada. Our $ is at par with yours.

    Top paystep. $32/hr. $5 nightshift pay, $3.25 for evenings, $3.25 for weekends. That is per hour and they double. So a weekend night is worth an extra $8.25/hour.

    Pension plan. Paid sick time. Three weeks paid vacation after one year, four after ten years. Four emergency leave days a year. Overtime is double time. Two stat holidays a year where the pay is double time instead of 1.5.

    I'm union and in acute care.

    Non-union sites pay very close to this rate to be able to have staff.
  13. by   lpn954
    The pay is really high in Canada! Mabye I should move there? How much do you pay in taxes though?