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  1. what do you wear on your job?

    We can either wear business casual or scrubs. If we wear business casual we are supposed to have a lab jacket. I wear scrubs M-Th and Fridays are jeans day with school spirit shirt. Again if we were jeans, we are supposed to wear a lab jacket.
  2. "My tooth is loose"

    I do not pull teeth either. They usually come in saying "my tooth hurts" not "I have a loose tooth." My first question is if it is loose. If they say yes, then I usually say that there isn't anything I can do for them at the moment. I offer to let ...
  3. Not potty trained

    I have a student on my campus in Kinder that is not potty trained. They do have a medical diagnosis of encopresis per mom (she has not supplied us with anything written from the doctor). Mom comes up once a day to change the child, (her suggestion)...
  4. Pulse oximetry in health office?

    I have a small pulse oximeter in my office. I usually only use it on my asthma kids.
  5. Lice Policies/Help Please!

    At my school district, we also have a no nit policy. I do not agree with it, but I follow it because it's policy. I do not believe these kids transfer lice here at school & if there are just nits present then I do not see the reason for them mi...
  6. Is your clinic......

    My office is private. I have a door that opens into the hallway & that is the only way in & out of my office. I am also the only one in my office. I can see your issues with privacy & noise when you are trying to do screenings. I would...
  7. Introduction

    I am about 50 miles south of Houston.
  8. What is your current LPN salary

    I work for a school district in Texas. My salary is $26,245 for this year. Up from $24341 which was last school years salary.
  9. Excelsior College LPN-RN program, and College Network

    I have not used the college network, but I have researched it. I just wasn't able to afford it at the time. I am still wanting to complete my LVN-RN training, but it's so hard finding a program that will fit my needs as I have to work during the day...
  10. School Nurses: Professional Staff or Support Staff?

    I am an LVN and in our district, they don't even list as as LVN's, they have us listed as "health care specialist" That is our job title. This bugs me a little bit. I'm not sure if our BSN or RN's in our district have the same pay scale as teachers...
  11. Introduction

    I've been a lurker on this site for a while & love reading all of your posts and ideas. I've even used some of the ideas I've gotten off of this page. I decided to speak up & become a poster too. I just wanted to introduce myself. I'm an LV...
  12. Do you keep your door open or closed?

    Sometimes I wish I left my door closed, but my door is always open. The bathrooms are right beside my office so it comes in handy to help monitor kids that come in from recess for a bathroom break & they are being loud or playing, so I can correc...
  13. I'm not creative but...

    I'm in an elementary school that has PK-6th grade. I have a bulletin board outside my office & change it monthly. For the beginning of the year, I usually do a welcome back board, but this year I did "STEP into a healthy lifestyle for school" I...