What else can I do with a LPN degree besides working @ bedside?

  1. 0 I want to work in Homecare, or in Nursing home, but I was just wondering what else can I do. I still want to make money and mayb a Mon-friday gig..something besides a doctors office. Thanks I will be a new nurse too
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    It will depend on where you live, what's common in that area, and what experience they require of you. But when I was an LPN, some of the jobs I held were in long-term care, hospice, chart review, school nursing, and home health.
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    I know a few lpns that refuses to work bedside. They have years of experience and work long term as a wound care nurse, infection control nurse, MDS, or QA
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    You can market yourself as a tutor. I tutored basic dosage calculations and medical terminology while I was in my LVN program. Now that you have a license you definitely have a lot of "street cred" with the new students in your LVN program. Go back and tell them you can help them out

    You can also become a director of staff development. You are responsible for planning and implementing training/educational programs within a facility, usually for CNAs. You usually need at least 1 year of experience. DSD certification is a course that can be taken at many places that offer ACLS, EKG and other CE credit classes.

    Good luck! Congrats on becoming a LVN!
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    If you go to local job fairs you may find different opportunities in your area. One thing that I ran into and is tempting at times is working for a company that does insurance questionaires, like life insurance. I was told I could make my own schedule, for some you may even be able to work from home.
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    If you are in CA, you can teach CNAs!
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    Quote from Juwon
    I know a few lpns that refuses to work bedside. They have years of experience and work long term as a wound care nurse, infection control nurse, MDS, or QA
    All of the posts offer good ideas, but i think these would be right up your alley - especially if you want to work in a NH. LPNs are utilized most in NHs and can offer you more in the way of positions that are non-bedside. I have even seen some Case Managers that were LPNs as well. Good luck!
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    Thanks guys..I live in Atlanta and currently in school for my BA in Healthcare management.

    I think Im going to start with LTC for 6 mths then explore my options.
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    I worked in Public Health as an LPN and I loved it. The pay is lower than LTC, but the benefits, lower stress and set schedule (weekends and holidays off!) made up for the pay cut.
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    lpns in some states can work as charge nurse supervisors no bedside nursing persay also in some states can work with rn in assessments in themds.good luck to you just take some deep breaths
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