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Merced specializes in Gerontology/Home Health CM, OB, ICU, MS.

I was originally attracted to nursing by a nurse-midwife I admired. I love maternal nursing, but have worked in small places where I've had to be a generalist. Now I focus on gerontology & teaching

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  1. On the ground, ISTM that it all depends on the state you're in. Trying to navigate California's website is truly daunting; If TN's website is anything like that, best wishes to you I think the best way always is to get your information from real people, which is what you're trying to do here. The regs, on the whole, just cannnot keep up with the fast-changing world, but when you're in business, you have to be involved in that world, (or be in a legal gray area). (For this sort of discussion - which I think could be the most important service a site like this offers), I would like to see more ability on AllNurses, to talk about state-specific regulation. This site is great, & I would like to suggest a growth opportunity in having business startup discussions divided by state (I know there is a "California nurses" site, but few specific threads on business startups, and the Byzantine world of regulations around nursing businesses might generate very productive discussions. Just a thought
  2. Merced

    2 glove technique? HUHH?

    Double or even triple gloves for "code brown" makes sense also from the "smell" standpoint. I have noticed a smell of feces on my hands if I only use 1 layer of gloves; 2 or even 3 makes the job so much easier. Just peel off as you go.
  3. Merced

    Scared ill be kicked out of school :(

    I also agree that since you self-corrected, and learned an important lesson, you should not self-report. That sets in motion a chain of events which in not in proportion to this non-event.
  4. Merced

    Hazards in the Field of Nursing

    This is a wonderful, realistic & very relevant article for all of us bedside nurses. I also tested positive for exposure to PTB (NOT disease - important distinction). It was right before I was admitted to nursing school, & I was advised to take 3 meds for a year. Actually, I chose to have the test redone, because it was barely positive (in fact, I would have read it negative myself), & I was pretty sure I had just developed antibodies from living in the same house as an uncle with PTB - in fact, I remember him coughing/sneezing without covering mouth. Very different having antibodies, & having disease. I retested negative & was relieved I didn't have to take the yearlong course of meds. In 30 years, I have never had another positive test, so my instincts served me well. It pays to do your research - remember, when it comes to your health - to you it is everything, & do the health professional, it is a job, & a numbers game many times.
  5. Merced

    Paramedic to RN transition, easy or hard?

    As a teacher of basic nursing (CNA), over time I began to notice that there was a familiar theme amongst paramedic-turning-nurse: they don't think they have anything to learn about nursing - when they first arrive, that is. If they can "put on their listening ears" (as Judge Judy says), they eventually learn that nursing is about a lot more than saving lives in high-drama situations. A word to the wise: Ditch the attitude when you go to class. You are the student, not the teacher.
  6. Merced

    Finally decided to quit nursing

    Hey - I want you to be MY nurse. We should have nursing leaders like you :yelclap:
  7. Merced

    Finally decided to quit nursing

    STAY in nursing - you are stronger & tougher, & have a love of service which is unusual in modern culture. That's the reason you're not finding too many people like yourself. Please don't follow the crowd - be your wonderful, positive, tough self - I believe it's a pretty rare gift.:hug:
  8. Merced

    Never placed an IV!!!!!

    Back in the day when smokers were not discouraged from smoking, I found an interesting phenomenon: The patient could be a 29-year old guy, tan & rugged-looking, with veins that were like highways, but if they had just had a cigarette (which they always liked to do before being poked), You could get the needle in the vein, & lo & behold ---- NO BLOOD. I learned to wait at least 1/2 hour since last cigarette, before attempting IV start.
  9. Merced

    Fired from first CNA job

    You are definitely not done! I'd be willing to bet that it wasn't related to you specifically, but to TIMING. At a different time, they would have given you the attention you needed with your first job. Everyone knows that even for experienced CNAs, the work is not easy! The main thing, is you really like the work - that to me, & the fact that you are not too down on yourself, says that you will be good, given time. When I was beginning, I was so afraid of not being good enough, but over the years, I changed. Occasionally, I have taken a job as a learning experience. Once or twice, I have been "let go" (it sounds better than fired) because I didn't learn fast enough LOL. Sometimes that adventure (job=learning experience) works, & sometimes it doesn't, & I think it has a lot to do with timing. You will gain more self-confidence with each job, or you might be lucky enough to find a great fit, & stay there a long time. It's a valuable skill you have, & there is plenty of work!
  10. Merced

    What skills did YOU get at the CNA state exam?

    I'm interested: What state(s) only gives written exam?
  11. Here in California, there is a real distinction between "Home Health" and "Home Care. Anyone can open a Home Care agency. All you need is a business license. If you want to be "Home Health", you have to comply with regulations that try to ensure that you have certain quality standards.
  12. Merced

    Should I get my CNA?

    I'm surprised that CNA experience is not a requirement for admission. Here in CA, all the programs I know do require that, & for good reason. Case in point: I once worked with an R.N. who had graduated from a Florida program that only required a Bachelors in any other discipline, + 1 year nurse's training. So, she managed to be a nurse without ever having taken anatomy, amongst other issues. She found out she hated it, & left after wasting years & $$. (I sure hope that program was eliminated long ago). My answer to your question is therefore a strong yes, & not just so you know what nursing is. For many people, the strong but unquantifiable positives do not outweigh the very strong negatives. Only way to find out, is to work at basic nursing, which is to say, CNA (IMHO).
  13. Merced

    Last semester but.. I Hate Nursing!

    I strongly concur that any job where you work alone as a nurse, requires lots of experience! They may be fun jobs such as camp nurse, school nurse, or home health nurse - but they are only fun if you have the experience & confidence to know when a client is in trouble, & when they are not (most of the time). Myself, as a summer camp nurse for just 3 months, a camper came down with hepatitis, & if I hadn't had lots of hospital experience, I could have had him hanging out in the nurse trailer with flu signs for a long time. Nurses - get your experience where there are plenty of doctors and experienced nurses around to help!!! I am a teacher now, and I tell even my CNA students that your 1st job is really an apprenticeship, so work for the best employer possible. I think your first job sets the tone for your career, to some extent - so do well in school so your teachers give you excellent references, & even employment tips. Or, if the market is really bad & you need to do whatever to make $$ ( and believe me, I know what that is like!), just know that you need to (as soon as possible) work with experienced health-care providers, before you are capable of practicing independently. No one can become confident from school alone, never happens.
  14. Merced

    Are oral contraceptives healthcare?

    Surgeon General Everett Koop (very politically conservative) had the view that every U.S. citizen should have access to 3 kinds of care (only): 1. Preventive 2. Emergency 3. Catastrophic. I still think this is a good idea, though insurance companies would scream - out go huge profits on healthy people.
  15. Merced

    Finally decided to quit nursing

    I think this is a really beautiful post - thank YOU
  16. Merced

    Finally decided to quit nursing

    LOL - all the times I have had daydreams of sitting in front of a computer screen to earn money, rather than trying to keep a high number of sick people happy. After all these years, though, I have found that the one thing I can NOT tolerate is boredom, & that's one thing that nursing rarely is. Also the 1 or 2 people who smile & are happy because of me, does in the end make up for all the awful stuff. I am now teaching, & it is always so fascinating to me to have people from accounting, I.T., etc, coming into nursing - always for the right reasons, & they will improve the field for everybody.