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I am a happy LPN. I got my LPN late in life, because circumstances were all in place for me to do so. I was interested in increasing my clinical skill set. It was a perfect plan. When I was... Read More

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    Quote from JBMmommy
    It seems these days that everyone is pushing, if you've got your LPN, get your RN. If you've got your ADN, get your BSN or MSN. What if everyone wants to "move up"? Who would be left doing the work? I always wonder why hard working people can't be valued for what they provide rather than reminded they could become something else (better- in someone's opinion). Good for you for working for what you got, and enjoying what you have.
    I was just talking about this at work. I am an ADN going back for my BSN and keep hearing "Why don't you get your MSN?"

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    We have a hospital in our area that states "BSN preferred" on all their RN job postings so no it's not required but you can bet the BSN will get looked at first. All of our hospitals around here are phasing out LPN's. Someone said it has to do with the new govt health plan that goes in effect next year with getting more reimbursement through Medicare with RN's. I have no idea if that's true but either way it's happening. However, most of our doctor's offices are now hiring a lot of LPN's instead of RN's.
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    Quote from brilaneb
    I have been told that hospitals aren't hiring unless you have your BSN. I am about to start an ADN program and already people are encouraging me to enter a BSN program upon completion. Is this true?
    Several of my local hospitals( Memphis metro) only hire BSN and the rest have " BSN preferred" on their websites. Do your own research as these are n=1 anecdotes. At the same time my program has 100% job placement post graduation. Ill graduate my ADN program in December and have already been accepted to my bridge that starts in January and is 12 months long. Job security is a very comforting thing and a big motivator for a newly married with children in the not-so-distant future...
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    Well worded :3 Great on you!
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    I just graduated today from my university's LPN program and we have two area hospitals that hire many LPNs. I have my heart set on working at our local VA in either med surg or the in-house LTC. I do plan to progress with my education, but if I land in a great job as an LPN and am happy to stay where I am doing what I'm doing then I won't let anyone make me feel like LESS THAN for not being an RN.
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    In my opinion it all comes back to money. I like being an LPN however when you get older the physical part of it gets harder and you don't want to work tons of shifts in order to make a living. So I went back to school in my 50's and just finished my RN. Now I can work a little less and still make what I need to pay my bills...
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    i couldn't have said it better!! I am so over people asking that. I think the most important thing is to be happy with your life... if your happy doing what you do now then why change! tomorrow isn't promised. enjoy every moment of your life while you can.
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    Im an LVN in CA & it so refreshing to finally hear what I have been feeling. I have been an LVN for 17 years & am very happy with it. Unfortunately Medicare is changing & requiring RN's. So I am getting my BSN in Healthcare administration an more opportunities for me has opened up even more than I could imagined. GO LVNS!!!!
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    I read this from start to finish and I am so glad that I did. This was a great post. I am an RN and have been working for 7 years as a staff nurse on floors and now in the ICU. I have ZERO interest in becoming a Nurse Practioner, a nurse manager, or an instructor. I have absolutely no interest in "moving up." The degrating nature that staff nurses are treated in appauling. I am not talking about the way the doctors treat the nurses because in my experience, the doctors treat us wonderfully.The person who posted before me on this thread nailed it. Everyone is being pushed to go back to school and it is ridiculous. I love education. Learning is the most rewarding part of life to me. I have an associates degree in nursing and a bachelor degree in Finance. I am being bullied into go back to school for a BSN when I already have a college degree. Nursing administration have lost touch with reality to bedside nursing. I am convinced that the reason why nurses "move up" and become managers or administrators is because they cannot cope with the stress of bedside nursing. I became a nurse to heal the sick and even help a patient die with dignity. I had a Korean patient that did not speak a word of English and neither did his wife. Their son did and he was so kind. The patient was actively dying on a morphine drip and he was only 59. He had metastatic disease. He lived 20 hours on the morphine drip and died the next morning when I was on my way to work at another hospital. The last time I saw them, he was being transfered out of the ICU to the medical floor. The patient was in a deep sleep and the wide and son were crying. The son said to me, "My mom said you are a great lady with such wonderful energy and she will never forget you." She then hugged me and was sobbing in my arms telling me, "Thank you. Thank you. I love you." I could not fight back the tears any longer and cried with her in front of the medical staff. That is why I became a nurse. I am not an ADN, or an MSN in progress or a staff nurse or anything. I am a nurse who cares and loves what I do.

    I respect your knowing your limits and going to school to become an LPN. I think it is wonderful. I think the advertisements for people to get their "RN to BSN in 15 minutes" or "LPN to RN" in 12 months without any clinical setting is a disgrace. What ever happened to going to the hospital and learning nursing hands on?

    I love nursing and Nursing loves me. You must have a mentality of putting patients at your priority or you will fail. Working Christmas, Sundays, easter, and Friday nights is not so bad when you are doing God's work. God bless you all!
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    This is true in certain parts of the country are not hiring two year nurses. As a two year nurse, i recomend that you finish your two year schooling and get your BSN online. Work in a nursing home or a doctor's office while you are in school. It takes one year full time to get a BSN. Good luck.

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