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  1. military contract nurse

    Hi everyone, just wanted to come on here and share my good news. I recently moved to Hawaii and prior to moving applied for some jobs. I immediately heard back from a contracting company for the Navy and 3 months later I am working for them. This is...
  2. What is your current LPN salary

    I make $26/hr in Hawaii working for the navy through a contracting company.
  3. Recently passed boards....what do i bring to interviews?

    congratulations!! as part of the interview team for new LPN's over the past year i'll let you know what we look for... dress professional, go for dress slacks and a blouse or a nice skirt. dont have fake nails because most places dont allow them now ...
  4. orientation on monday!!! help!

    I'd be interested to know what state you are in. I wouldn't worry too much about starting orientation without your license being verified, just remember, do not do any type of nursing duties, even under the supervision of co worker, until that licen...
  5. LPN + Oregon

    I'm an LPN in oregon and i don't find this to be necessarily true, yes, LTC and SNF are the most common places for LPN's still, however i have been employed by Kaiser Permanente for the past 2 years. I found that the clinics in oregon, and especially...
  6. Do you cut corners in your daily nursing practice?

    i think there are times when you have to. It never makes you feel good to cut corners or not be able to get to something, but in my last job at a SNF I had 40 patients (given that half of them were ICF). they all had at least one treatment that need...
  7. document, document, document. and notify her provider as often as possible. Also education, and maybe offer to let her try it herself if she can. i know the pain of this!!
  8. I am very worried. I am feeling very sick please help

    Call your nursing board, I know what it feels like to have anxiety over these things, even to just pick up the phone, but you will feel much better knowing, and they can help you! Don't stress about it, remember, they will work with you, they don't w...
  9. Got a job working as a LPN Triage!

    I do phone triage and advice... For now its great although I do miss hands on care. I will say it definitely broadened my nursing knowledge, all the things you "just know" by looking at a patient you now have to ask without seeing them...kinda like d...
  10. LVN first and THEN RN?

    To be honest, getting my LPN first was the worst decision of my life. Not a day go by when I wish i would have gotten my RN instead. I am not saying everyone feels this way but I do. I thought that transitioning from LPN to RN would be much easier, ...

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