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    So, I'm waiting on the results of my NCLEX exam to come in. I'm praying to god it all went well.. i'm not sure how to feel about it honestly.
    Anyhow I completed my LPN program in Orlando, Florida and am moving to NYC by myself within the next two months. So I only have ME MYSELF AND I to support me in that crazy city....
    Can i start applying for jobs already even though i still haven't gotten my NCLEX results back?
    And for those living up north, what is the hourly pay rate for a new grad LPN? All the experience I've had has been during my clinical rotations and stuff. Does that count as legitimate experience???

    Also... can someone tell me different areas I could potentially work at other than nursing homes??

    I went on INDEED.COM to see what the aver. annual salary for an entry level LPN is in NYC and it said $56,000.... that's still about $3 grand a month (AFTER NY TAXES whicha re ridiculously high...)
    Is this even close to accurate?
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    Well I am in the mid west so I have no idea what pay is like in NYC, I would think more than here because of the higher cost of living. In my area (low cost of living) new grad LPN's make anywhere from $15-$20/hour just depends where you work. Other than nursing homes you could look into corrections, clinics, home health, some schools still hire LPN's, group homes for the developmentally disabled, va hospital.. Good luck, I would definitely have your job offer on hand before you move. My sister lives on NYC and splits rent with her roomie, her half is $1200 and that's in Harlem. Crazy what rent is there.
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    Oh and no can't apply w/o official license and clinicals do not count for experience, at least in my area
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    I personally would not move to NYC without a job lined up beforehand, as it is one of the roughest job markets in the entire country for new grads without any paid nursing experience. Seriously, we recently had an LPN in NYC post that she just got evicted from her apartment because she could not find a job in the five boroughs nearly one year after graduation. She is currently working part time at Burger King.
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    you've officially scared the shiznits out of me... and apparently it's not even something that's only in NYC... its EVERYWHERE
    so now I'm wondering where's this great big shortage on nurses..when no ones taking the ones that there are...

    is there anyway i could volunteer or SOMETHING to get experience for at least 6 months before I leave that can be used as experience??
    something that'll at least give me some kind of advantage over the thousands of applicants :|
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    you are young & on your own, so it may be easier in one respect....take a midnight shift in a nursing home, you'll start with more hourly... and still have the daytime to wander & learn your way around a bit. Congrats & GOOD LUCK!!!
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    that's always good to hear...and I wouldn't exactly have the same issue as your sister since I already have the apt thing sorted out and itll be a hack of a lot cheaper than 12 hundred...
    my main concern is the job situation... so i guess i might as well ask u the same thing.. is there anything i can do now for at least 6 months to gain "experience"? it'll at least get me halfway past someone with zero experience..
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    Volunteer experience is not looked on the same as paid experience. Many NY metro facilities won't permit inexperienced new grads to volunteer in a nursing capacity as they don't have the fund or staffing to train and supervise new grad nurses.

    Clinical experience does not equate to work experience

    Since you plan on moving in 2 months and don't yet have a nursing license there is very little you can do that will count towards work experience as a nurse

    There is very high unemployment in the NY area, plus a high volume of new and experienced nurses seeking employment. There are hundreds of applicants for single positions.

    Most LPNs work long term care or assisted living almost no hospitals hire LPNs especially inexperienced LPNs. Some MD offices will hire LPNs but most hire MA's for cost savings Some private duty nursing agencies will hire new grads but these are per diem jobs not full time. Your rate is an average for LPNs. I'd guess $18-$25 to start depending on the work conditions, shift, work environment. Traditional home health (skilled nursing visit) will hire LPNs but generally require a few years experience due to the independent nature of the work.

    The cost of living in NYC is one of the highest in the nation. Even if you made $3000/ month take home that will likely not meet your living expenses for rent, utilities etc if you don't have a roommate to split costs with. Plus public transportation costs as it cost prohibitive to haven car in the city for most people.

    I agree I would not move to the city without a job offer in hand and an apartment lease finalized
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    I'm in Queens , New York working per diem $26/hr
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    Don't get discouraged, it's really hard to get a job in the beginning. I worked as a STNA for a whole year after getting my LPN till I found a part time LTC job that got me my 6 months and I was on to greener pastures. I returned to work 2 months ago after a year off to stay home with my kids, had 2.5 years lpn experience before I left, and found a good job within 2-3 weeks of casual applying. It does get easier once you gain paid experience.
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