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  1. nicole1207

    Gracie Square Hospital? (Got an offer there)

    Hey I'm going to an open house there !! Did u end up taking or staying at Gracie square ?? Just want to know about the environment
  2. nicole1207

    Helene Fuld Review

    I graduated from helene twice 2016 ASN and 2018 BSN. That school is hell on earth but it is do able. Many people fail but some of us make it to graduation.
  3. They pay pretty good work environment is terrible I waiting to finish out my resignation days after 6 months of working there!!!!
  4. nicole1207

    Montefiore Moses

    Hi , I was just wondering did you have to do the digital interview??
  5. nicole1207

    Hirevue, digital interview at Montefiore.

    I received an email from montefiore for the digital interview. I found it interesting. Consisted of 6 questions for me I literally took it today and received the email Friday. I don't know what's next I guess it's just a waiting game and I'll keep the forum posted just because I went looking for answers on what happens next and there are no posts
  6. Hey Bira .... did you ever apply to Lehamn just wondering whats my options I'm graduating Helene in November ?
  7. nicole1207

    Florida Hospital Graduate Nurse Program July/August 2015

    How was the process I plan to do the same ? I also live in ny but I will have an associates ... I hope I can get in
  8. nicole1207


    I'm in Queens , New York working per diem $26/hr
  9. nicole1207


  10. nicole1207

    New grad lpn

    Anyone in new York know who's hiring new grads....
  11. nicole1207

    Nclex-pn 12-18-12

    Thanks ...=)
  12. nicole1207

    Nclex-pn 12-18-12

    I'm in new York .... And I went on the Pearsonvue site paid the $200 again waited for the ATT which came 2days later via email and signed back into my account to scheduled a new test date ...
  13. nicole1207

    Nclex-pn 12-18-12

    So I took my nclex-pn this morning at 8am ... 2hrs 20 mins and the max questions of 205 ... I walked out of there just like I failed ... 1 1/2 later I did the pearsonvue trick and I'm getting the good pop up .... =) !!!!! I'm Still paying for the quick results in 48hrs I been thru hell and back ... I didn't have the proper ID on dec 4 my original test date ... So I lost my $200... Went to the DMV the same day to renew my non drivers ID ... She said if I renew that then my permit will no longer be active which means I have to take the test over and pay the fees ... I was like hell no!! And left the DMV ... I was so stuck Btwn a rock and a hard place ... had to pay $200 again then pay $207 to expedite my passport ... I was frustrated I stopped studying ... But god was on my side ... Just believe
  14. nicole1207

    Retook NCLEX & GOOD PVT message

    When u retake do u have to pay the state $143 again or just register again with Pearson vue?
  15. nicole1207

    VEEB LPN Program (info request)

    Congrats to the grads of 2012 .... We made it ... !!!! =)!!!!! Good Luck to the new students you can do it ...!