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    Help what do I do ? I was a medical tech in a hospital for 5 years in the ICU, Cathlab and CCU. I decided to go to LPN school I got my license. I became pregnant immediatly and had to be on bedrest for 8 months so I could no work. When my son turned 1 year old I got a job one day a week in home care. The job ended a year ago and I cannot find another job as my resume is sparse. Getting to my main issue, I finally got a job through an agency in a nursing home. I was HONEST with them that I had NO nursing home experience and asked if their would be some kind of orientation. The first shift I got there they just handed me the keys for the cart. The nurse before me had left and didnt even stay to count the narcotics. Needless to say I was short a oxycodone my first night. I called the agency and asked if I could shadow a nurse or be oriented they said " no it looks unprofessional" A big deal was made I was moritied. I explained I was new to this and wish I would have had guidance. My third shift they floated me and again no narc count with the prior nurse. I was having anxiety attacks. For the three day I worked there I did not get a break. By 1:00 I was exhauseted hungry and stressed. I had alzeimers patients comming up to my cart while pouring meds. At this point I gave a patient the wrong meds, I was about to faint. I ran down to the nursing office. The Nurse checked with the doctor and said it would be ok. Now I go to the agency today and they say the med error was humiliating to the agency . I said I was totally honest during the interview about having no experience and was lead to believe I would have some one to shadow. I cant find a job as an LPN and cannot find a place to orient or train me. I really feel like not being a nurse Im devasted !
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    How shocking!!! The agency knew you had no nursing home experience and still they chose to send you to a nursing home to work!!!
    The agency is totally in the wrong here. Your agency is totally unprofessional. Your agency had no business sending you to a nursing home without any kind of orientation. Unfortunately, some of these money hungry agencies will do anything to make a buck. Don't give up. Keep trying to find a new job.
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    Thank you. When I confronted them again they said "well that's how it is , you get thrown into the lions den, sink or swim". I'm not shocked it seems this is the norm lately even in home care. No shadowing or orientation. When I worked as a med tech in a hoital they gave me 6 weeks of orientation and classroom. It was one of the best jobs I ever had because I felt confident in my skills. At the nursing home the first night I worked this nurse walked over to me and said "your not going to make it here your too slow".
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    STOP working for that agency . They are setting you up for failure.
    It's shocking that they would send a new nurse to a new facility .
    It's not unprofessional to ask for an orientation, they just don't want to pay for it.
    Make an effort to analyze what's happening, you are jeopardizing your hard earned license.

    Try another agency (that treats you better) and talk with your school's counselor for assistance with job placement.
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    Sounds like the agency and facility are a no win situation. The "sink or swim" attitude is outdated and unsafe. With your past experience in the hospital, I am guessing it may be easier for you than some to find a hospital job? Larger hospitals often have longer orientations. Best of luck to you, don't give up!
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    I feel like this is very normal for agency work and LTC LPNs. Unsafe yes, but normal and commonly done.
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    Sad that this is commonplace. Run away fast. But that does not help in the job search or getting another job especially when this one did not work out.

    There are over 700,000 allnurses members with 8,000 members online right now! Just think of the amazing things we could do if we all stood together.
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    Elprup what could be done a petition. I've seen other posts on here so I know I'm not alone.
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    If I were you, I would not work for any agency. Most I've ever worked for have required experience. With agency work you never know what you could be walking into at these facilities. You stated that you worked in home care. Try and find another job in home care since you do have the experience. Just remember agency nurses are expendable. It's your word against the facilities. I know you need to work, but you have to think about your nursing license. You worked to hard to get it.
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    This strikes me as odd because I was an agency LPN many years going to LTC facilities. When I finished my RN degree, I could not get work as an RN through the agency because they wanted an experienced RN. I told them I had agency experience and knew how to hit the floor running, especially in particular nursing homes where RN/LPN are interchangable. In the long run I was much better off.

    I would be cautious that agency...
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