New Grad LVN found AWESOME JOB!

  1. Hello, I am a Spanish speaking LVN that had 6 months experiecnce doing private duty nursing getting paid $16.50/hr w/no benefits and I was out of work whenever a patient would get hospitalized and I HATED it and it was because I felt like what I was doing was mostly babysitting. I would sit there at the patients home and just give their meds, feed them through their gtubes and suction them when they needed it and while they would sleep I was sitting their like dum di dum dum .

    So anyways... I kept looking for a new job and they were all mostly home health agencies that were hiring new grads until out of nowhere I replied to this ad where an eye surgial center was looking for a bilingual LVN and I just sent my resume to see if they were still hiring (the ad was posted 3 weeks back) and they called me back right away to come in for an interview. I thought they would tell me I needed a year of exp. like all places do but they said if I like to multi task and do everything FAST and I said yes, please! Because I was so tired of basically doing nothing in private duty. So they told me to come in the next day and Ive been there every since and I LOVE it! :heartbeat

    They started me at $20/hr w/full benefits and I work M-TH 10 hour days with no work fri, sat, sun ever!
    It is so fast paced pace that time goes by so quick! I prepare the patients before surgery, put drops in their eyes, start IVs (they didnt care that I had never started one except my IV cert class, they said I would learn fast here and I did), take vitals, receive them after surgery,and discharge them. They also put me in the OR as a circulating nurse so I can learn that as well. My advice for all you LVNS that havent found a job DONT give up! And go to as many interviews as you can until you find a place you love!

    PS - If you are a bilingual LVN looking for a job in Los Angeles County, let me know as well!
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  3. by   voneek
    Congrats, because the job market is hard here you deserve it!!!
  4. by   OgopogoLPN
    Congratulations!! I'm sure this will give hope to others struggling to find a good job.

  5. by   nursel56
    congratulations on getting the job! it's nice to hear success stories!!
  6. by   missjay919
    CONGRATS!! it gives me hope to hear stories like these
  7. by   lovely33
    Congratulations to you!
    Reading this does give us New grads some hope! I am also a bilingual LVN...
    Let me know when you guys are hiring!
  8. by   kikisan
    im bilingual also. congrats! im still jobless
  9. by   Amber Lynn
    Wow. I'm jealous. That sounds amazing!!!
  10. by   anonymous1919
    Very awesome!!! Congrats to you!
  11. by   mjennLVN85
    Hi I am a new grad as well and i havent found a job yet..a I am bilingual and I am interested in this job..if you can send me the info thanks in advance!
  12. by   surge0584
    I hope I find something like that ! Congrats!
  13. by   mycafelatte
    That is so great. Congrats. You have made me and others more hopeful into finding a job. Let me know when and if youre hiring because I too am bilingual. Thanks.
  14. by   Sparkle82
    Are there really so many LVN new grads who just cannot find a job ANYWHERE? Omg, I am getting really scared here. I am going to get my license pretty soon, but it sounds like I'm still going to have a hard time. What about SNIFFs? is it hard to get a job there too?