New Grad LVN found AWESOME JOB!

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    Hello, I am a Spanish speaking LVN that had 6 months experiecnce doing private duty nursing getting paid $16.50/hr w/no benefits and I was out of work whenever a patient would get hospitalized and I HATED it and it was because I felt like what I was doing was mostly babysitting. I would sit there at the patients home and just give their meds, feed them through their gtubes and suction them when they needed it and while they would sleep I was sitting their like dum di dum dum .

    So anyways... I kept looking for a new job and they were all mostly home health agencies that were hiring new grads until out of nowhere I replied to this ad where an eye surgial center was looking for a bilingual LVN and I just sent my resume to see if they were still hiring (the ad was posted 3 weeks back) and they called me back right away to come in for an interview. I thought they would tell me I needed a year of exp. like all places do but they said if I like to multi task and do everything FAST and I said yes, please! Because I was so tired of basically doing nothing in private duty. So they told me to come in the next day and Ive been there every since and I LOVE it! :heartbeat

    They started me at $20/hr w/full benefits and I work M-TH 10 hour days with no work fri, sat, sun ever!
    It is so fast paced pace that time goes by so quick! I prepare the patients before surgery, put drops in their eyes, start IVs (they didnt care that I had never started one except my IV cert class, they said I would learn fast here and I did), take vitals, receive them after surgery,and discharge them. They also put me in the OR as a circulating nurse so I can learn that as well. My advice for all you LVNS that havent found a job DONT give up! And go to as many interviews as you can until you find a place you love!

    PS - If you are a bilingual LVN looking for a job in Los Angeles County, let me know as well!
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    Congrats, because the job market is hard here you deserve it!!!
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    Congratulations!! I'm sure this will give hope to others struggling to find a good job.

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    congratulations on getting the job! it's nice to hear success stories!!
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    CONGRATS!! it gives me hope to hear stories like these
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    Congratulations to you!
    Reading this does give us New grads some hope! I am also a bilingual LVN...
    Let me know when you guys are hiring!
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    im bilingual also. congrats! im still jobless
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    Wow. I'm jealous. That sounds amazing!!!
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    Very awesome!!! Congrats to you!
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    Hi I am a new grad as well and i havent found a job yet..a I am bilingual and I am interested in this job..if you can send me the info thanks in advance!