Need a pick me up & to vent

  1. It's Sunday night and I am dreading going to work in the morning. Not because I hate my job, I love it, but because I'm sick of feeling like I am "not good enough". I work in a Dr. office and I am the only LPN, the rest are RN's. I am currently about to start my LPN-RN bridge program, but I just feel like every day I am looked down upon. I feel like they don't trust me (even though I have not done anything wrong) but they look at me as if I am not a nurse. I took the NCLEX just like them, I do the same tasks as them, I have the same responsibility as them, yet I am "just an LPN" I am so sick of feeling this way. No one personally has said anything negative or mean to me, but their domineer gives me a negative feeling. I just dont know what else to do or how to feel. I feel as if I just want to quit, work in LTC, make more money and have more respect. Anyone else have this problem? Any advice? ~sigh~
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  3. by   andreasmom02
    Don't let them get you down hun... If they have to belittle you, it's probably because they have low self esteem themselves. You are all NURSES, & trying to make you feel beneath them, is childish.

    I used to know an RN personally outside of the work place. I met her through my husband's family. She was a total snob. Always bragging about her big new southern style home, her perfect family, & her perfect management position RN job (this was before I became an LPN) around me. This woman did not like me personally, and loved to make me feel bad & stupid. I saw her out in a restaurant after I got my LPN license, and made sure to tell her I had became an LPN! What comes around, goes around.... The look on her face was priceless! LOL She was so jealous that I had became a nurse too. I made sure to let her know I was going for my RN in the future as well. Sometimes people are just jealous, & don't want to see others do well. They get a rush off of making others feel beneath them, when they have low self esteem. This woman I knew was that way towards me.

    Keep your head up, & go for your RN. You may be their boss someday, & I bet they will be treating you a little more different then! Good luck hun...
  4. by   OCNRN63

    What is up with these posts from people who feel offended or put-upon, even though their co-workers have never been unkind to them? They have to be in charge over you; it comes with having a higher level of licensure.

    There are people who post here who work in truly toxic environments. You should thank your lucky stars that you have colleagues who have "never said anything negative or mean" to you. If this is the kind of thing that gets to you, you're going to need to toughen up, because there are far worse things to deal with than RNs who have never been unkind to you.

    FWIW, people of all stripes are mean. It's the person, not the fact that he/she is an RN/LPN/MD, etc.
  5. by   imintrouble
    It has been my experience, that the LPNs I've work with, consider themselves less than the RNs who work with them.
    I have never considered any LPN to be less than me. Never.
    I've wondered how I'd feel if I were the LPN though.
    I hope I wouldn't measure myself by the initials behind my name, but I don't know.
  6. by   newrnltc
    How does someone look at you like you are not a nurse?

    It sounds like the criticism you are getting is mostly internal/from yourself. I am sort of in the opposite position. I am an RN that works with all MAs. Often times I am mistaken for an MA because yes we do alot of the same things. Do I mind? No. I'm just there to do my job, do it well and go home. You do what is in your scope of practice.

    As for the trust part, it is normal for RNs to review LPNs/MAs work - that is their responsibility. I wouldn't take it too personally. Has any of them called you "just an LPN?" or are those your own words? I don't call my coworkers "just MAs", especially in front of patients. I say Ms. so and so will help you now.

    We are all important cogs in the wheel of healthcare.
  7. by   LongislandRN23
    I have encountered the same feelings and thoughts as well as opinions from others ever since I became an LPN three years ago. Examples: "what do you do?"ME "I am an LPN" majority of responses; "what's that", "so your getting your rn?", "why didnt you become an rn?" Blah blah blah......

    I just got my RN license and feel as my LPN schooling was a better education. Thats just my opinion. I also know plenty of RN BSNS who's nursing knowledge, skill set, medical knowlegde and assessment skills were shockingly low to inadequete than my.LPN education. So title and education status is not always all the time the end all be all. Be proad of your title!!
  8. by   notmanydaysoff
    You ask, "Anyone else have this problem?"


    Comments like, "No one personally has said anything negative or mean to me," and "but I just feel like every day I am looked down upon. I feel like they don't trust me (even though I have not done anything wrong) but they look at me as if I am not a nurse" sound as if they are coming from inside your head.

    You will never be effectual if you continue to think of yourself as being inadequate. I hope you get over these feelings.
  9. by   Carpediem1012
    Please forgive my ignorance here, but could someone please tell me the education that leads to the credentials LPN,RN and BSN? I'm sorry to be slightly off topic (and please don't refer me to read other posts on the subject if you choose to respond). I find it confusing coming from a canadian standpoint, that so many different credential types seem to cause so much conflict in American nurses.
  10. by   Carpediem1012
    OP, I would say just be proud of and good at what you do. Respect will always follow Hang in there.