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  1. So Frustrated I Could Cry..

    Bad management is eveyrwhere... there is even a prayers for special help section.. "God, I am in need of your guidance and your protection from the evil in my place of employment" lol
  2. Confessions of a 30-Something RN Grad

    Same feeling of failure for me after it shut off on question 75. I think I was curled up in a fetal position for the entire day after I got home lol
  3. When To Cut Back?

    Did you get accepted for the Fall? 5 12 hour shifts is rough. Close to insanity even if it is a really easy unit. I do 6 8's. There will not be much time for anything except for work, decompressing after work and then going back to work. If you haven...
  4. Taking ownership of pts

    lol I like that nightclub comment! Will save it for future reference. I changed the cuff as soon as I noticed and did indeed do the aforementioned plan of care & highlight it on my off going report. You are right, patient safety is the bottom lin...
  5. Taking ownership of pts

    Well, we report to different managers/attendings. Theoretically feedback can be given by a staff nurse regarding a different discipline but the only time I've seen quick action is when a doctor/pt/family member complains - not the other way around. I...
  6. I lost my love for nursing...thinking about quitting.

    I've worked in different NHs. Management and coworkers really make or break you. Residents I will always love but the way the facility is run really makes a difference on whether you feel optimistic stepping on the floor or feel like crying in the ba...
  7. Taking ownership of pts

    Yea I guess the nausea and stool is not life threatening and they can pass off the pt like that. I was mostly bothered by the colleague that got upset at me pointing out the arm precaution. this all happened on the same day so I was thinking do the...
  8. Taking ownership of pts

    Oh I did not accuse anyone of anything. She admitted the pt had not been cleaned even once throughout the procedure. The room had MD, CRNA, RN, and techs w/new gown and sheets in the cabinet but she just wanted the single pacu nurse to take care of i...
  9. Taking ownership of pts

    Need to vent. I work in recovery in a teaching hospital. Every few months a new round of fellows and crnas come through. The most recent batch seems to be a little sloppy. For example one transferred a pt w/ESRD, right arm fistula. Had the bp cuff on...
  10. Least stressful nursing specialty

    I feel clinic/office nursing is less stressful. The acuity use much lower, you deal with pts one at a time, doc is usually around so no need to page and wait...and wait while pt/family member is yelling. You can learn alot working one on one with you...
  11. things are not what they seem

    agree! grrr
  12. I'm tired if being the new "new" nurse

    Im not a new nurse. Ive had positions in a few specialties. However each time I go to a new unit I get that same "new grad feel". Dont know where things are, dont know the nuances of that unit.. heck I even wonder how will I remember everyones names....
  13. First day at new job New Grad- AFRAID

    Review your shift everyday. Think of what you'd do differently/better and look up things you didn't know. Find a good resource person. Each day you will be more experienced then the last.
  14. things are not what they seem

    Lol several "all the times" and one "pretty common". I have to get better at spotting them. Not expecting special treatment from patients but I do still expect some decency from humanity. There are people of all kinds though... Glad to hear from my a...
  15. things are not what they seem

    Ever have a patient you seem to be connecting with/good rapport who turns out to be manipulative and ends up doing something that puts you in a tough spot: sneaks off to smoke, refuses monitoring when they have sky rocketing bp, fall risks who "don't...