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Lvn or treatment nurse?

  1. 0 I applied for a lvn position but was asked if I was interested in the lvn or treatment nurse position. I know a treatment nurse treat patients with skin and wound care but I was told that they are basically the same. Is that true? If I decide to take Treatment nurse position, would that be the same experience as an lvn if I do wanted a lvn position in the furture?
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    Meaning do you want to take a hall, or do you want to drift around the places doing treatments all day? I've never, ever had a treatment nurse- even so, I wouldn't care to have one. I wouldn't trust that the stuff was being done, UNLESS the treatment nurse was solely responsible for obtaining orders, skin checks, wound flow sheets, charting -meaning, the unit nurse would not be accountable for untreated wounds, wounds that worsen, etc. Aside from that it seems rather dull after a while, for me anyway, unless you're a regional wound center or something fun. And during cutbacks, you'd prolly be the first one the get the proverbial...AX. I've heard of places hirng treatment nurses just before a survey to clean stuff up.
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    We have treatment nurses at our facility I love it I have 30 patients & honestly between passin meds & charting I can't imagine have the time to do treatments...I guess it's all in what u wanna do tho
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    What sort of facility is this? I love doing wound care and treatments so I wouldn't mind that one, but if you don't you might get bored.
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    TracyDickson, its an LTC
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    I'm a charge nurse in LTC and I would love, love, love to have a treatment nurse. We have 35+ residents whom all have meds and then doc orders, ect. Sometimes the wound care is the last thing that gets done. There is a lot to actual wound care that requires a lot of knowlege and preciseness. I've done wound care, but honestly would love to know more. I say anything that you do, is only making you a better nures. I'd say try it! Good Luck!!
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    I would much prefer to be the treatment nurse than passing a hall full of meds.
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    CaliBoy760, I most definitely feel like a glorified med aide at times!!
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    I agree with CaliBoy 100%. I'd much rather just do treatments rather than passing two halls of meds to patients, and then charting, and all the other lovely stuff we are held to >.<
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    Quote from imaLvn2
    TracyDickson, its an LTC
    Since you originally posted this question more than one year ago, which position did you end up accepting?
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    I work as an LPN on the floor in LTC and do part time Tx/wound care nurse also. I love doing wound care because it's less stressful than being in charge of 30 residents. When I do wound care I have 60 residents and almost all of them have a cream, ointment, or wound. I also change g-tube dressings and listen to BS, assess abdomen, etc. I also do O2 assessments on residents wearing O2. Get sats, check LS, etc. I enjoy this job. It's much less stress and responsibility than floor nurse. It's like getting a break and it's 8 hours where floor work is 12 hours so it's helpful to have while going to school.

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