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Geriatrics, OBGyn, Clinical Nursing
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kissbug26 has 10 years experience and specializes in Geriatrics, OBGyn, Clinical Nursing.

I'm an LVN working towards my RN. I've been a nurse since 2004. I've worked in LTC, Hospital and clinic.

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  1. kissbug26

    Recovery Trek

    Cat-lady are you in Texas?
  2. kissbug26

    Recovery Trek

    I have yet to find out any results. 3. Months in!
  3. kissbug26

    Recovery Trek urine testing in Texas

    Wenman81, How are things going with your testing? Curious as to how you've been doing?
  4. kissbug26

    Advice to the Student Nurse

    The one thing that helped me through school was note cards to study. I punched wholes on them and put them all in a huge key ring type deal and they went with me everywhere. Lots of places to study...red lights, restroom, waiting in line at the drive through, ect. Just an easy way to always have something to keep your mind refreshed with allll the material you will be getting all at once. Good luck to all you students!! :)
  5. kissbug26

    Your first experience with a dead person

    I was working as a tech on the cardiac floor while attending nursing school and there was a little old lady that passed away on our shift. It wasn't the post mortem care or even the actual watching her pass that got to me. For my first, I believe I handled that pretty well. It was when we had to take her in the elevator...take her to the 1st floor... and put her in the freezer/morgue. That was the craziest feeling!! I dreamt about her being in that cold drawer all night! Was a little creepy to say the least!!
  6. kissbug26

    What can you tolerate the least?

    Sputum...for sure!!!
  7. kissbug26

    Lvn or treatment nurse?

    CaliBoy760, I most definitely feel like a glorified med aide at times!!
  8. kissbug26

    LTC lack of reporting

    Please, please, please do not put yourself or your license in jeopardy to protect any other medical professional. I've been there and done that! You worked way too hard for your license. As they beat over our heads in nursing school..CYOA!!!
  9. kissbug26

    Recovery Trek

    Hello, Twoyearnurse! I understand we are all in the same boat. Regardless of why, we all have insight, info and encouragement that we can share. I agreed to surrender my license simply because this was a huge ordeal. The NP I worked for actually did jail time. I was so tired, frustrated and honestly never thought I would want to practive ever again. So after a year of not nursing I received the order and decided to surrender than to follow up with it. Then a few years later, missed it with every fiber of my being. That is when I reapplied and because of the "charting" and the way things were done as far in the clinic, possibility of diversion is what they came up with. Although I had issued several hair follicles that were negative, ect. ect. ect. they presented my attorney and I with this order and she suggested I accept it. So, here I am. I am getting to do what I love and so in all honestly, it's worth it. I'm not guilty of diversion, but I am and was guilty of not making sure we did everything by the book as far as charting, nar counts, wasting...ect. It's been a 5 year ordeal...surely I can do another 1 or 2!
  10. kissbug26

    Depressed Lvn grad

    She is exactly right about the LTC, assisted living facilities. They love to hire new grads! Good luck!!
  11. kissbug26

    Lvn or treatment nurse?

    I'm a charge nurse in LTC and I would love, love, love to have a treatment nurse. We have 35+ residents whom all have meds and then doc orders, ect. Sometimes the wound care is the last thing that gets done. There is a lot to actual wound care that requires a lot of knowlege and preciseness. I've done wound care, but honestly would love to know more. I say anything that you do, is only making you a better nures. I'd say try it! Good Luck!!
  12. kissbug26

    1 week till pinning

    Good Luck to you!! It's worth it when it's all done!
  13. kissbug26

    Recovery Trek

    OK, so just curious how many of you have had to deal with recovery trek and the God awful random drug screens. I worked for a NP that got in trouble for some stuff and drug his whole office down with him. Needless to say I have to do this junk for a year. I've never in my life used drugs, but do like a drink every now and then. I'm started my 4th month and it stinks severely!!!!! Would just like some input!
  14. kissbug26

    The single best piece of advice you've gotten/gave

    I think that is so true. I worked as a CNA while I was in nursing school. Makes me appreciate all the hard work the CNA's do!
  15. kissbug26

    The single best piece of advice you've gotten/gave

    Put your heart into it!
  16. kissbug26

    A Question to Nurses and Nursing Students.. HELP ME!

    Hi there! I too was just like you. Except that that thought of being a nurse never crossed my mind really. My older sister was a nurse and I remember asking her how in the world she used to deal with that sort of stuff. Wounds was a biggie for me. I took the plunge one day and I absolutely LOVE IT! You do get used to it. If your heart is telling you to do it, don't fight it girl. If God is calling you to be a nurse, He'll without a doubt help you through it! Good luck!!