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I know people have been saying for years that everyone would need a BSN and LPN's would be a thing of the past, etc. Well, so far, where I work (a large, magnet hospital) there are still many, many nurses without a BSN -but there... Read More

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    I have been at my hospital 21 yrs we do not hirew LPNs but the 4 of us that remain are told we will always have jobs as long as the hospital is open. And let me say this. On 11-7 it is
    1-RN and 1-LPN and one CNA. If we ( the 2 LPNs at night go) both of our RNs get a pay cut of almost 150.00 a month cause no more full time charge so in my opinion not a bad babysitting gig

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    [quote=JSlovex2;5026971]this is exactly the attitude i've seen lately. with RNs working short staffed, they are tired of "babysitting" the LPN's so to speak. at one time, there were enough RNs on the floor that it wasn't such a big deal for them to "cover" the LPNs, but now - they're lucky to get their "own job" finished without having to go behind a LPN. i've even seen brand new grads be charge nurses over LPNs who have years of experience. it just makes no logical or financial sense.[/quote

    Puh-Lees. "Babysitting" an LPN? Really? Don't you know that as an LPN I've had to remind many healthcare workers (that have the title of RN behind their names) how to do their own jobs? And some of these things are just plain common sense. I can't understand the attitude of some RN's that they're just so much better than LPNs. I've worked with some ****-poor RNs where I've often wished they had never received a degree because they obviously don't know what to do with it. Just the same as I've worked with some LPNs that I wondered how they ever even got their license & thinking that maybe we need to raise the bar a little bit. On the other hand, I've worked with some great RNs & LPNs that don't let their titles go to their heads & actually get out there & work their *sses off. Plus you do realize that there are only a couple of things that an RN can do that an LPN can't legally..but that doesn't mean that we don't know how to do it. I truly believe that it depends on the area or facility that you work at. LPNs getting phased out? Not where I'm at.
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    I can tell you here in Colorado, LPN's are used quite a bit. I work in a clinic where there are always LPN postings. Actually, the RN's don't seem to have as much clinic experience for some reason. Not to bash RN's, but the LPN's run the show and do all the work.
    Hope that helps.
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    I work in a hospital in Ohio and they are firing any LPNs from acute care staff that are not in RN school by May.
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    There are always a few institutions that experiment with different title mixes for one reason or another. But basic economics which apparently most nursed dont take is the reason why LPN's have job security. As far as achieving magnet status some institutions are not in a competitive situation where this is necessary. My sister works at a hospital in NJ that does not feel the need to spend money for this. They are the only hospital in the immediate area. Of course there are some hospitals that have phased out LPN's or cna's or ADN rn's. They are in the minority and will remains so because everyone in the nation is subject to the laws of economics.
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    Hospitals yes, especially if you work in one that's seeking magnet status. We nolonger have LVNs as a matter of fact not even hiring ADNs any longer.
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    I have been an LPN for 20 years and we are not being phased out. Many hospitals might not be hiring LPN's but that doesnt mean our jobs will be gone. I currently work in long term care and as medicaid has tightened down on fiscal budgets and spending, they can not afford to replace all LPN's with RN's. I am currently in a management position and an RN does have to sign off on my work, but I do the work, not the RN. For those of you who think LPN's are not capable of doing a good job, I am here to tell you I can work circles around most RN's. I am currently do the job of an RN. Many LPN's are very knowlegeable and are very capable of working in hospitals, I honestly feel that being an LPN prior to having my RN will make me a better RN in more ways than 1. Please think before you are quick to discredit the LPN and their role as nurses. Many nursing homes would shut down if they phased out LPN's due to the current budget cuts.
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    To me it's not about whether someone is a LPN or RN. It's about the intelligence and work ethic of the individual. I've seen slackers in both groups and I've seen some great nurses in both as well.

    I have noticed that hospitals in my area are hiring fewer LPNs but that seems to be only with the hospitals. That is a shame because in my first nursing job I learned a lot from the LPNs on my floor.
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    I personally do not think LPN's are being phased out but rather "phased back". Do you realize that Medical Assistants with recent schooling are taught phlebotomy and medication administration!! and for $12.00/hr!! For some companies it is more profitable to hire MA's. In certain settings like an LTC an LPN will always be needed but hospitals and office settings are changing.
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    I am a fairly new LPN, going on 2 years. Have only worked LTC but hear those rumors all the time. I didn' t want to do LTC and wonder from the sounds of comments if there is any chances of LPNs w/out Med/Surg experience and years behind it have any hope of hospital work. I am in beginning stages of working on ADN. However, I am 54 ( yea old!). Healthy and need to work, but wonder if it will do any good to get my school and be hired at that age as a new grad? Any thoughts would be appreciated!!

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