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  1. conroenurse

    Aromatherapy Certification

    Yeah we have a guy coming to do "Integrated med" talk and supposed to "certify" nursing after teaching us. IMO he's selling his brand of oil's not anything more. I've signed up for course in Local college but had to pay and do on my own time as facility I work at think this salesman guy is okay....NOT Still I think it's worthy of my time and will enhance the "Healing Hands" part.
  2. conroenurse

    February 2019 Caption Contest: Win $100!

    Patient families will never find me here.
  3. conroenurse

    Aromatherapy Certification

    Has anyone here pursued getting an Aromatherapy Certification and if so how does it work at your facility?Several of us just finished LEVEL 1 Healing Hands and want to continue courses. I thought an Aromatherapy Certification would go great with Healing Hands. Most of nurses I work with think HEALING HANDS is okay, but the Aromatherapy is waste of time and money for course. What do you think?
  4. conroenurse

    56 With Multiple Back Surgeries Wants to Become an RN

    billswife said Entering the job force as a new grad RN, it is unrealistic (and maybe unfair) to expect to be hired into an administrative position ahead of others who have worked bedside and have RN experience. The automatic assumption of discrimination also smacks of entitlement. I'm a few years older than you and have>25 years RN experience AND a bad back, yet here I am in the trenches GEESH Billswife, that sounds kinda "entitled" itself! But just FYI to all if a new grad is someone who might be a newbie RN but has yrs of LVN that is taken into consideration. Also my sister is DON and she says they look for "best fit" and of course at times who they can hire for less. (sigh that's healthcare for ya)
  5. conroenurse

    Malicious "pimping" in nursing / nurse practitioner school?

    Down in Texas we call it "BULLYING" but regardless it is the same and being in nursing over 30 yrs I've seen it at all levels. This one thing I know. The person who does this type of thing has some major issues in life that has made them so insecure that the only way they can make themselves feel better is by belittling others. When I catch it I will tell them I am sorry they feel so bad abt themselves and that usually stops it. I once worked with an RN (LVN here) who thought she was all that and a bag of chips, and constantly ran LVN's down. When the day came the LVN fired her it was quite a shock to her system. LOL To me we all have different titles and sometimes different roles but from Housekeeping on up we can only do our jobs by teamwork, there isn't ANYONE better than anyone else.
  6. conroenurse

    How safe are safety lancets?

    Okay maybe, as a Psych nurse of 35yrs plus, I am misinterpreting posts and so sorry if I'm missing the boat, but if a new ( or really any nurse) didn't have anxiety (yes I read both posts) I would be really concerned. I see nothing that would make anyone suggest a Mental Health Professional is needed. We are individuals and we grow from being one type to another type, but most of us still have our moments of concern or things that keep us awake at night wondering over and over if we remembered to sign this, remember to do that. It's nursing!
  7. conroenurse

    Charge nurse

    Boy do I understand that. I am a "Worker Bee", do not want the "Queen Bee" Position. At our job "Charge" and "DOn" are always on call, always responsible and IMO no amt of money can compensate for coming home, throwing my shoes off, and sleeping!
  8. Geesh, sure it's just me, but I think that 1 yr on the Largest hosp u can get to (worse), on Med-Surg floor, in a teaching hospital, is best for any nurse LVN or RN. You learn basic nursing and other things and you will never forget. : )
  9. conroenurse

    56 With Multiple Back Surgeries Wants to Become an RN

    I don't lift, bend, push, or pull and haven't for 10yrs. I do the meds, the bulk of the documentation and rounds with the Dr's. Every job isn't ness. bedside lifting and etc. But I know if you claim "light duty" chances are the HR won't risk it. There are jobs out there, you just have to find and present yourself as able IMO.
  10. conroenurse

    Jobs that older nurses do. (?)

    Hey so we all get to a certain age where we don't (or can't) run the halls anymore. Other than (gulp) retiring....does anyone have a job that they've taken after leaving hospitals, Doctor offices behind, but still require Nurses License?
  11. conroenurse

    Warning on an LPN License.

    Please call your BON and ck with them. The nurses here are right. I've been a nurse for 30plus yrs and NEVER would have stayed a nurse if that was the case. Everyone will eventually make a mistake and not just one either. Sometimes even if caused Patient death I've seen where they've issued warning, but NOT sanctions. ALSO you can appeal it to your BON. But definately call them and ask what the heck is going on cause there is just no way this would've happened IMO. (at least not in Texas)
  12. conroenurse

    Time Limit on Time out for patients

    I just finally made my mind up that I have to call & report to company. I KNOW it isn't legal and I can't go with my head in the sand anymore just cause it makes me uncomfortable to speak up. Just have to push it. I keep hearing "WELL WE HAVE A DR"S ORDER!".... AND! Like a Dr is always RIGHT! Esp. abt rules/reg's. ha ha One would think as many times as we've had to clarify orders/get them to rewrite orders for some reason/people would know DR's "PRACTICE" medicine. They are not certainly are not always in the know OR right! Thanks everyone. Least I got to vent while making my mind up how to stop it! LOL
  13. conroenurse

    Time Limit on Time out for patients

    No, This is 24/7 and pt is not there voluntary. Supposedly IF there is no incidents in 7 days THEN they can be out 1 hour and read a magazine or something. NO magazine, no ANYTHING, nothing but a mattress on floor is allowed in Time Out room. ANd you are right, it is considered "SECLUSION" regardless if door open . IMO Isolation also as pt is not allowed to talk except to ask for "needs". (ie I need to go to restroom, I need to shower, etc). Meals are even in there on plastic tray. I was also told we are not under "STATE" rules (which say 12 hours) but under DADS. Does that make a difference REALLY? Doesn't state laws govern over them?
  14. conroenurse

    Time Limit on Time out for patients

    Please help answer this if you can as I've been reading everything with no real answer. Is there any LEGAL time limit on how long a patient remains in open door Time Out room.
  15. conroenurse

    Do you wanna be an RN??

    REALLY? Disrespectful! OMG Now that's a new one on me. I can't remotely see how anyone but esp. a nurse (regardless of licensure) would discourage someone from uping their education and status! If someone does, believe you me, THEY have an issue IMO!