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My brother just finished up his LPN school a few months ago, he got hired here in the metro detroit area in MI for $26.50 starting. I am attending the same school he went to, I am half way done and will be graduating in 9 months... Read More

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    I am in MI too, here LPN's start out at $11-14 an hour

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    Actually a starting pay of $26.50 for LPN is not bad. I live in NYC and an LPN can make w/o any exp. from $24 - $30 per hr. Please don't listen to anyone. If your goal is to be in the nursing field and you would like to 1st start out in the lpn field to gain exp. that is a great idea. you can easily move on to gaining your rn, bsn and eventually your msn if your choose to. Compensation differential is based on the state or city you live in and also exp and prior educational background. You can definitely make $ in nursing field but please remember don't make that your only focus. Also, in will have many options I know in NYC you have many options. Hospitals do hire LPN my cousin is a CNA and she works in the hospital. There are ppl that work two seperate jobs...one in LTC and another for a agency and end up with a yearly salary way over $65K or more.

    Good Luck
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    One thing you need to watch out for with the particularly high paying jobs is what your work environment will be like. Some facilities pay well because it is the only way to retain employees because they are so crappy. You don't want to start off as a new grad (or even with experience) with a work load that is so unsafe you are setting yourself up for failure, just because it pays better than other places.

    As an LPN, you will have a license to protect too, not just a job. You have to consider all the potential repercussions of working in different environments, not just how much money you can make.
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    totally agree kythe just because the pay is good does not mean you will enjoy the facility. the money isn't worth your license being endanger or your well being
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    I totally agree, most facilities in this area that pay over $25 will have you "caring" for over 50 patients. Impossible! Dangerous! Would not do it! I have 15 on day shift, and 30 on 3-11. Most of my pts aren't on that many meds, most treatments are done in am, and it is a very well run facility with a staff that generally works well together. Unfortunately, I think in my area this facility is in the minority.
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    What school are you getting ready to graduate from here in Metro Detroit? That is a really high starting pay for sure. Its best to weigh your options, pros and cons.
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    That is awesome that LPN's are being paid well!!!! I'm in BC Canada and all LPN's in the province make $24.76/hour, even with years experience (whole 'nother story) Plus I'm casual so I get a 12.2% differential which equals $3.09/hour and shift diffs.

    So if I do a weekend overnight, I'm getting:

    $1.00-weekend =
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    Won't make that much if you come to Wisconsin
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    I am in NY now looking for a job, I am living in Brooklyn. Anyone has any idea where they are hiring now, I won't mind working in Queens, Bronx, Manhattan and Long Island area too. Or in Pennsylvania, somebody told me there are a lot of jobs down there. Any advice will be appreciated. I really need a job. I am an LPN.
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    Anyone in NY, please answer me, I really need help.

    Thank you already for your reply:typing

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