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I know that you guys (LPN/LVN's) can now get a load of other certifications on top of your LPN license. I know that you can get your IV certifications and oxygen and what not, but what are some of... Read More

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    Quote from pagandeva2000

    Beth Israel School of Nursing; their continuing education courses in New York City. They also have on line courses in some things that I am interested in. In my opinion, very much worth the money and time. I plan to take some of their on line courses in the summer.
    The ECG course is a continuting education course and not certification. But, definitely something I advise others to do.
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    Quote from siri
    Thread is now a sticky.
    [BANANA]Thanks, Siri![/BANANA]
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    wow! this is really interesting, i have no idea that u could choose a speciality as a lpn.
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    Quote from siri
    The ECG course is a continuting education course and not certification. But, definitely something I advise others to do.
    Just now seeing this...it has been some time since I looked at this thread. I know it is not certification, but it was well worth the knowledge. I saw a change in the ST segment of an EKG, told the doctor and the patient was immediately sent to the ER. Had to pat myself on the back for a moment...it was a good catch and I would not have known if it weren't for that wonderful class.
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    EXCELLENT!!!! Kudos to you for picking up on that. You deserve that pat on the back.
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    Quote from siri
    EXCELLENT!!!! Kudos to you for picking up on that. You deserve that pat on the back.
    Yeah, that felt kind of good. I continue to read my EKG, Plain and Simple book from cover to cover. They may be opening up some more telemetry beds at my hospital, and they have LPNs doing the monitoring. Might lead to some overtime for me. I plan to sock it to them by September with some knowledge. I really love nursing!
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    I was wondering if there were any certifications for LPN in Psych?? Does anyone know??? Thanks in advance!!!
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    thanks for all the links for certifications - i am happy being an LPN, and would probably not be able to afford college at this time to become an RN - but those certs sure would look good on my resumes, not to mention the fact that nurses can always continue to learn and become educated, no matter what your field it
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    hey all,

    here in illinois the current regulations for lpn programs insure that the various skills any one nurse would need to treat a patient either in the hospital or in a long-term care setting are a part of the core curriculum. the only things a lpn cannot do, and therefore does not receive either training or certification, is starting iv’s and giving iv push medications. while many rn's and lpn's go on to receive specialization certificates in many types of health care delivery systems such as hospice, icu, home health, etc... our lpn's in illinois, once they pass the lpn nclex are already certified to give medication and deal with most aspects of iv's.
    good luck, let us know when you get in!!!
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    I think that any certification you get will enhance your credibility. The first thing I needed to do was find my passion and follow it. I have worked in addictions for the past several years and am now a licensed alcohol & drug counselor and a certified clinical supervisor. But, my primary credential is LPN, has been for 30 years and always will be.

    Good luck :spin:
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    Anyone know of any on-line certifications for Wound Care?? I found a course to attend, but they want $2500. and I have to travel over 2 hours one way to attend this 4 day course.
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    In response to tmmcbrady's reply:

    I work in a Psych and Chemical Dependency hospital and am curious about where you took your classes to get your license for the drug and alcohol counseling and if you know of any online. Do you work for a hospital or outpatient. Any info would be helpful...thanks
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