Lets get a current salary thread going for 09/10 - page 8

Sicne most salary post are outdated on here, lets get a current thread going for those that are searching Knoxville area, new grad LTC $15 3-11... Read More

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    An LPN in suburbs of Cleveland:
    LTC-22.50/hr w/bens
    Assisted living-16.50/hr w/bens
    EMR support-25.40/hr no bens
    Contract with another agnecy out of state-$55.00/hr, no bens, all travel,lodging, rental car paid for by client and meals reimbursed by agency.

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    Hi I live in Kelowna British Columbia CANADA Our start wage and our senior wage is currently the same, so it doesn't matter how many years experience you have. My wage is 24.76 per hour( and I'm an LPN as the name suggests) we get a shift differential of 90 or 95 cents more for afternoon shift( can't remember the exact amount) and a dollar more on top of that for night shift. But our contract is up in April so hopefully we will get more.
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    Quote from Divemaster
    Louisiana(South in general) is trying hard to keep our pay low
    I agree im still making 12.25$
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    Corpus Christi, TX
    Home Health Care
    LVN for 15 years
    $21.00/hr plus full hospital benefits and car mileage reimbursement.
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    Upstate SC - LTC/Rehab - 9+ yrs exp. - $19 to start plus shift diff and crappy benefits (employer pays half)
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    EXP: 6 months
    Pos: LPN
    Job: methadone clinic
    Pay: 17.00 an hour w/ benifits; part-time.
    Loc: Richmond, Va
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    LPN- No experience-LTC in Southern, OK-$16/hr
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    Quote from masry123
    1.5 years exp as LPN
    My first job in PA $20 /hr night shift.
    Moved to MD PAy 17.50 /hr. 25-30 resident very very stressful
    Now I'm working in VA $23/hr assisted living stress free. Full benfits for PT&FT. No overtime,weekend deff,holiday pay
    I can't find a good job down here in VA...I took a $6/hr pay cut when I moved down here.
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    Atlanta ga
    Diaylsis 9 yrs experiece
    $26.00, beneifits, blackberry, m-f make my own schdule.
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    forgot to say i'm an LPN

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