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Lets get a current salary thread going for 09/10 - page 3

Sicne most salary post are outdated on here, lets get a current thread going for those that are searching Knoxville area, new grad LTC $15 3-11... Read More

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    central nj - ltc lpn

    new grad: full-time with full benefits
    base pay = $20.1825 per hour
    shift differential = $2.50 per hr for 3-11 and $2.75 per hr for 11-7
    weekend differential = + $2.50 per hr for any shift
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    Baltimore, MD New Grad $21 / hour ... $2 night differential ... $2 weekend differential = $25/hr acute care med surg with benefits
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    Brooklyn, NY
    LPN $21.28 per hour....1199 SEIU Union benefits. 7-3 shift....
    Home Health $22 an hour for agency perdiem..
    Agency nurses can make way more money in NY.....no benefits though!
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    20-23 Hour
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    Southeast Michigan
    $21.95 3p to 11p plus benifits
    Rehab Center
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    Well I am not an RN yet still a CNA
    However as a CNA I make $9.30
    Evening diff .50 more
    Weekends 1.50 more/hour
    Great benefits
    South Dakota

    I also know of a recent grad with her BSN RN that was hired on a LPN Req as it was the only way for her to get into the hospital. She is making $17 an hour.
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    Kabul, RN -$155/hr full benefit. 7am-7pm. $10 diff for night shift. full benefit
    Herat, RN-$145/hr 7am -7pm
    Kunduz, RN -$165/hr. 7am-7pm. full benefit
    Washington DC. New Grad. $29/hr. $4 more for night.
    Khost. RN-$145/HR
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    New grad LVN San Antonio Tx start pay $14.00/hr med/surg hospital
    4 years experience $15.65....of course $1 more nights/weekends diff
    While my friends were making lots more in Nursing Homes (18-21) I stuck it out for the experience.
    While in RN school I went pool and received $20.00/hr as LVN in med/surg.
    New ADN RN grad applying and hoping my years of awful pay will pay off for my hospital experience!!
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    Lancaster, PA
    18.30/full time with benefits
    22.75/PRN no benefits
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    Ann Arbor, MI. Assisted Living.

    Full-time with benefits, day and evening shifts, 6mo. experience $18/hour.
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    Dallas-Fort Worth, TX
    4 1/2 years experience as an LVN
    Currently completing ASN degree
    Made 23.50 hr as 1st shift charge nurse in LTC
    27.00 hr as Medicare Case Mgr/Care Plan Coordinator
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    Quote from ngates
    Tulsa area, $19.25 Med/Surg. New grad. RN/BSN 7AM to 7PM.
    what are the shift diffs? I'm currently a nursing student in tulsa.
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    North, rural TX
    LVN: 16/hr, no insurance premiums, lots of state/federal holiday pay