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  1. vincejojo

    What To Do When Dating A Co-Worker

    Look! She's beautiful and you like her. Talk to her about keeping it professional at work, if she really likes you she will respect you. Let her know you value your relationship with her. maybe she's insecure and she just trying to let all the other females know that you guys are dating so they can keep off. Just talk to her. dont stop dating her. enjoy it while it last. you never know it may end tomorrow or last forever. And for the people that says she will tell your business once you guys break up. Do you have a skeleton in you locker? if you are romantic and make her feel good as a woman. what can she say if you guys ever break up.
  2. vincejojo

    Inept New Grads?

    I stop reading your post at the second paragraph. it seems you detest these NGs. you might not want to accept it. All six ( if its true). I guess your nurses are very incompetent. The blame should be on you guys for not given them the proper training they deserve and with people like you who "pick up on their slack" made it even worst.
  3. vincejojo

    Increase admission chances: Direct entry CNL

    BSN or CNL. You have very great background to succeed. You will get the clinical experience once you enter into the program (whatever you decide). One thing though, your background is just the right background needed for a Clinical Nurse Leader and I can tell you once you graduate and get some on the floor experience it would be real easy for you to practice as a CNL. You can also go on to become a Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner. Consider the expenses of going for a CNL vs BSN. Once again your background is real strong and I believe you will do very well.
  4. vincejojo

    CODE! Need help

  5. vincejojo

    Associates in Nursing vs Bachelors?

    You are not convincing in your arguments. Doctors do not hire nurse (at least in a big organization) and also those doctors you spoke to are looking for nurses with less education who will not argue with them. someone who thinks the Doc is a semi god. For your information, allnurses.com is probably the best place to get good advice not "nursing homes" as you stated.
  6. vincejojo

    CODE! Need help

    Please could someone tell me the precise thing to tell the Doc. about the patient during a code. Brief and important information. Thank you.
  7. vincejojo

    New RN on a cardiac floor

    No smart one! its a clue for the manager and preceptor. Have you ever been in a situation like that? it is not that easy. if her preceptor is changed, any preceptor assigned to her would think she is a problem besides that new preceptor would probably speak to her former preceptor to know what the problem is. Also if the manager tells the preceptor to change, this might be another problem. Whats your advice?
  8. vincejojo

    New RN on a cardiac floor

    guys it is really not that easy. talk to your preceptor, talk to your manager. it seems so easy to say especially when you are not in her shoes. If she talk to her preceptor it lmay cause the preceptor to perceive her as been too impatient. talking to the manager may appear as backstabbing her preceptor. if the manager change her preceptor, it may some kind of........... This is not easy. Change your schedule to differ from your preceptor ( if possible). Let your preceptor and manager know that your current schedule is not convenient for you.
  9. vincejojo

    Serious New Grad RN for Corrections

    you took it and gave yourself 65%.
  10. I think you should call her or send an email. Thank her for considering your application and let her know your truly appreciate her kindness. however, you have decided to accept another job offer. You hope she will consider you for a position in the future if you decide to apply with them again.
  11. vincejojo

    Want to be a nurse? Train in the Phillipines

    I guess there are beauty ladies in the Philippine.
  12. vincejojo

    USPHS medical clearance

    You call you CAM and ask about it.
  13. vincejojo


    Or see if you will pass out. Good luck
  14. vincejojo

    Dropping out of nursing

    it is tough to do that but if you think you can, I will also say go ahead.
  15. vincejojo

    Dropping out of nursing

    I think you need to tell us what went wrong. it is hard to give advice without knowing a little of the problem.