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This is not a rant. This is not meant to cause any trouble. It was just on my heart and I thought I would share. Please feel free to add a line of your own :) Can't you just let me be happy to be... Read More

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    Quote from CrazyGoonLPN

    Wow you completely missed the mark.
    Sure did. Lol

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    I always say that people have a pecking order- just like chickens. We're constantly comparing ourselves to each other to see where we fit in. And often, when we care, we encourage each other to reach "higher". It's nothing to take personally ...it's just the way people are wired.
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    I'm with the member who talked about LPNs saving the RN's butt.....I know. It's happened to me.

    I used to work with this old-school LPN who learned her craft from the ground up and lived it every single day of her life. She's probably forgotten more about basic bedside nursing than I'll ever know. And she bailed my fresh-out-of-RN-school buns out of more jams than I cared to count.

    She was always deferential, respecting the status I held as an RN with all sincerity. But she had this wonderful way of guiding my steps, as in, "You're the nurse in charge. I'll do whatever you think is best. But I've noticed this patient's lungs sound wet, and he's a little diaphoretic, and you probably already know his urine output isn't what it should be....." She was also the one who caught it when a new admission began to projectile a black, tacky fluid from both orifices (orifi??) while I was in another room tending to a family member who was in my face demanding a bed bath for his wife RIGHT NOW!

    That woman taught me what it really meant to be a NURSE. So I hope no LPN ever feels s/he is less of a nurse than we RNs are. We may have another year or so of education, but what it all boils down to is, we are all on the same team.
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    I don't know about being chastised more than RNs, as an RN you will find your chastised VERY often. so we might be in the same boat there. And more education willl get you paid more, thats why I never complain doctors make more than us, even though we SEEM to do most of the work. lol.

    That being said, LPNs were huge in teaching me how to be an RN when I got my first job at a rehab. Very smart, caring, everything a NURSE should be! LPNs should not feel bad or be looked down upon for sure.
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    Many times RNs will ask a LPN why don't you get your RN. This will cause the LPN to think that this person is looking down on LPNs. In my experience this is not the case. The reason I would ask this question is because to me it doesn't make any logical sense that someone would choose to do almost the same job as an RN but get paid half the amount with less ability to advance, less job opportunities and sadly less respect. Sometimes LPNs can't go back to school for a miraid of reasons but most often it is a lack of ambition, fear of going back to school or just plain laziness. Then they feel a certain way when the 21 year old who can't even start a IV makes more money than them. Education is what RN's have, and thats why they are paid more and have more responsibilty. Anyone can be taught to insert an IV or put in a foley, not everyone has the discipline to finish their education. Have pride in what you do but strive to be better, don't convince yourself that being an LPN is something to be proud of that you don't go the next step. If you do, you will probably be bitter, I know I would be.
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    I don't think they missed the mark at all. I believe that the original post DOES sound "wounded, unhappy, and defensive." And, I'm sorry, but clearly the OP feels that there is no difference between an RN or an LPN besides a letter "R" or a difference in pay, and that is false. More noticeably, it sounds as if there is an attempt to belittle RNs in order to elevate his or her own self-esteem.

    Isn't it just as insulting to RNs to make the claim that their education, responsibilities, and experiences are no different? Isn't there just as much lack of respect in that view that the OP is stating RNs show her?

    It's okay to acknowledge different tiers in nursing or in the healthcare field in general, isnt it? Or should I post a rant about how there is no difference between me and a nurse practioner just because they have more education, and an "NP" in their title? After all, we are all nurses, right?

    It's silly and insulting to assume that different means better or worse...whether it comes from an RN or an LPN. But pretending that there is no difference at all is just as silly and insulting, and shows disdain and dissatisfaction in the choices made.
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    I learned how to be a nurse by a great LPN who took this fresh faced innocent child and taught her how to be a nurse. She taught me how "forget about all those fancy machines" because "if they we always right......what would they need us for" and showed my how to assess and intervene.....how to look for those subtle clues and to listen to my inner voice that something is just not right. She showed me how to look, listen, and feel to be sure I didn't miss a thing in the care of my patients.

    Thank you Louise.... I told you then and I tell you now.....I wouldn't have made it without you.

    Of course....that was before all this "advanced" practice hype and push for higher and higher education (BSN entry) "to improve" and "elevate" bedside nurses......for we all know that more college education makes a better bedside nurse (any 4 year college will tell you that) that we have lost the respect for the experienced bedside healthcare professional.

    We see this every time the to there is the BSN is superior to the ADN nurse debates.....even if that nurse has been a nurse for 30 years..... it is like nails on a chalk board (which recently made my daughter laugh and roll her eyes because "we don't use chalk boards any more mom.....jeeze" another aging moment...sigh).

    Trash talk of "those with lesser education" by the powers that be to rid themselves of the diploma programs (which still exists today....not many but they are out there) and the removal of the LPN from acute care (which still exists today.....not many but they are out there) that started 34 years ago and still irritates me to this very day.....

    OP.....while it is frustrating to hear those who need to make themselves feel better by putting others down.....for they have such low self esteem themselves..........it is important to remember a very great lady once said.....

    "No one can make you feel inferior without your consent" Eleanore Roosevelt.
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    I like being an LPN because it gives me the opportunity to be hands on--I could and often do spend the day putting in IV's, drawing blood, foleys, NG tubes.....love every moment of it. Theory is nice--in theory--and I will get you access to whatever bell, whistle, test or medication you would like to give or get.....and you can assess, theorize (<---if that is a word LOL) and make conclusions all you want to. And you should, and do. What I do not like, however, is the "just an LPN" title, when in fact, the poop hits the fan and I am asked "what am I to do????" Uh, you are the BSN and/or Master's degree--YOU figure it out. I am sure there's a theory for that.......when in all reality and no sarcasm (<----I KNOW hard to believe HAHA) we mostly will pull your butts out of hot water, and swallow our pride when LPN's are phased out......
    Sometimes life happens when one is busy making other plans. Some don't have the means necessary to go back to school. Sometimes one has to put food on the table and not have life be all about them. Some regret choices that seemed like a good idea at the time.
    But CNA, LPN, ADN, BSN, or DNP......all a team, all can contribute, doesn't matter how we get there, lets just say the goal is to have everyone alive at the end of the shift, OK?
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    Thanks for sharing your point of view. I think we have to vent our frustration once in a while.
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    I have Been and LPN for 20 yrs, I love it and unless forced , I will continue to LOVE IT ...Most of the RN's i work with are wonderful and even think the LPNs have way better Clinical skills then the RNs do .....Don't listen to anyone that tells you " you should really go on and get your RN"....Be Proud of your accomplishments..
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