I Am FINALLY Able To Change My UserName From FutureNurse1982 to RonnieNichelle LPN

  1. Hello All,

    So, yesterday I found out that I am OFFICIALLY an LPN!!. I took boards Wednesday August 14th and saw my name on the Oklahoma Board of Nursing Friday August 16th. I am PROUD to FINALLY change my username from FutureNurse1982 to RonnieNichelle LPN! Although my goal is to become an RN (hopefully by next year), I am fortunate to say I am one step closer to reaching my goal!! Anyway, I just wanted to share the good new with my fellow AllNurses buddies!! #NursesRock!!
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    Thank you kjrobinette!!
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    Many congratulations and best of luck in your future studies.
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    CONGRADS Sent ur way!!!
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    Congratulations! Question...how do you change your username????
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    Huge congrats!!!
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    Happy licensure!