how do you write your name with your title?

  1. is it just first last and then lvn?

    are there any punctuations?

    what if you were iv certified?

    what if you were both iv and blood withdrawal certified?

    i'm just wondering because i wanted to make a signature for my email account and have my title next to my name

    and the certifications i have.
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  3. by   BlondieNH
    Jane Doe LPN or Jane Doe LVN. I'm not aware of any special IV certification attached to a title abd I'm IV certified. If you are a certified phlebotomist then you could add that on after your LPN/LVN I would say. Being certified in some special arena doesn't always get included in a title per se. Unless you take a big lengthy course and exam to get certified for example in geriatrics or wound care.
  4. by   nursel56
    NameLVN. I don't put a space between the name and title. But, I just looked at one of my textbooks to see how the author did it. Punctuation overdrive!! Like this.

    Nancy Nurse, L.V.N. or Nancy Nurse, R.N., B.S.N.. However, I've never seen anyone include all that in their signature. As far as Blood Withdrawal and IV cert--those are on the license, but not in the signature.
  5. by   ohmeowzer RN
    ohmeowzer, RN if they want my whole title on there ohmeowzer, RN, BSN..... i donot put the BSN on my badge.... some nurses do..
  6. by   KatieNoelLPN
    I do first initial.Last name, lpn

    K.Noel, LPN
  7. by   tewdles
    Sort of depends on how long you want your signature to be, right? For me, I keep it simple and short...NRatchet RN. No punctuation. I write it often and fast....often not really readable but identifiable. Your signature is not meant to be a pedigree.
  8. by   TheCommuter
    For those who want to include "MSN" or "BSN" in their titles, the degree should always come before the licensure. For example:

    Jane Doe, BSN, RN

    Here's the reason. Your degree should always come first because a degree can never be taken from you once you earn it. However, an RN or LPN/LVN license can be revoked or surrendered at any point in your career.

    A degree is permanent, but a license is not.
  9. by   Lewyswife
    After 10 years as a LPN I am like you guys fast and to the point K. Matias LPN , I often find myself signing my kids homework folders like that and even have went as far to sign a chack for a bill , we all get in to such a habit that it happens sometimes I guess !!!!! Good Luck it is your preferences but I am in agreement as to not using IV certification and etc... as a nurse depending on where you live most will consider you have it or at least ask it is more for a resume then a title !!!
  10. by   DawnJ
    At my school, they told us you list your license/degree in the order you obtained them with the most current closest to your name. For most, it would be 'Nancy Nurse, B.S.N., R.N."