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feels awesome to be up here

  1. 12 hi im new up here like 3 hours new i just found out i passed my board & im soo excited to start my new career as a nurse
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    Congratulations and welcome!!! This site has been such a resource to me and I hope it will be for you too!!
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    Awesome, so happy for you.
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    feels awesome to be up here-congratulationss-gif and Welcome!
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    Yayy congrats
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    Woot woot! Congrats! *Party at your place!*
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    Congratulations, nurse!
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    Quote from Tflowers34907
    Woot woot! Congrats! *Party at your place!*
    Haha thanks everyone it has been a party at home at my job & all of my friends are trying to take me out for dinner and drinks lol I'm booked the whole month lol I'm taking the rest of Dec. to redo my CPR & start a I've therapy class

    But I plan on starting to look for a new job in Jan. anyone have any suggestions on how to update/redo my resume???
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    Congratulations!!!! I googled nurse resume & picked the one that suited me the best. Good luck!
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    oh how exciting!! Stoked for you!! YAY!!

    dawg, back in the dinosaur age, when i sat for boards, we had to travel to our state capitol, (no matter how far away that was) sit for boards for 8 hours a day, in a giant room full of nurses,
    x 3 days, (we all filled the hotels in the capital, 100s and 100s of freaked out student nurses, just masses of us..)
    then, after testing for 24 hours, zero feedback whatsoever,
    we drive all the way back to our homes
    and wait....seems like it was months til we got envelope telling us the result.

    In those months, tons of rumors went around. "If you get a BIG envelope, that's good, it hold the certificate.."
    "If you get a BIG envelope, that's bad, it holds the forms to re-apply to take the boards."

    I was due to deliver a baby same week the envelope was due to arrive. I kept hoping, "Oh, i hope i deliver the baby first, cuz, if i flunked the boards, when they hold up my baby, i might still moaning around how i flunked the boards..."

    well, the baby arrived the day before the envelope. It was a big envelope. I didn't want to spoil the thrill of bringing home my new baby with news i'd flunked the boards..
    Took me hours to open it. Hours. I had to call my mom, who talked me into opening it. Took her a long time.

    I still remember that thrill, i'd passed. BET IT IS THE SAME THRILL YOU HAVE, TOO!! HEARTIEST CONGRATS!!!


    and how long after the test, do you find out?
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    The Commuter has written up 3 articles on resume and interviewing.
    great stuff, can be found in her blog on her page,
    or here link to one of the 3. The links to the other 2 articles, are embedded in this article:

    also, lots of good stuff if you click on "Career" across the top border of this page, way up there at top of page.
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    I am so happy for you. Congratulations! Wet down on you!!!!