Challenging the LVN board

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    I have been a Medical Assistant for 7 years and attending college to become an RN. One of the PA's I work with said I could challenge the board if I take an Pharmaceutical class. Does anyone know if this is possible? This is my first semester in college and I have a long way to go. Any help? I probably need to make this a little more clear. I would like to challenge the LVN board to become an LVN. I know I need to attend school to become an RN no doubt about that. So my question is if there's a chance I can challenge to become and LVN?
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    I don't know much about challenging the boards but I can see facilities being hesitant to hire someone who hasn't completed nursing school...
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    In some states, RN students may challenge the LPN/LVN boards after completing the first year, however, in your current position as an MA, I am certain that you cannot. In order to take a state board test, you must complete a state approved curriculum with a certain number of both didactic and clinical hours.
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    Hospitals often hire RN students into various types of positions. Usually first years wind up working as NAs. At the end of second and third years my hospital hires them as something along the lines of "employed nursing students". They have roughly the same scope as a PN but do not have a license and I'm not even sure how insurance covers them.

    To write the PN exam up here you must be a graduate of a recognized educational programme for PNs.
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    Contact the Board of Nursing in your state. They are the ONLY ones who can answer this question.

    If you are in California contact the Department of Health Services licensing division.

    You can find either of these with a simple google search.
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    If you are located in California, then yes, I have heard of it. However, you have to have X amount of experience as a CNA in different nursing areas (ie, pediatrics floor, med surg, etc). I think that is what your friend is referring to since she said you would need a pharmacology course. I know if you plan on challenging the LVN boards in CA you would need a formal course in pharmacology. Now, can you still do that program as a medical assistant, I don't know. You would have to ask the CA Board of Nursing that question.
    Also, please keep in mind that that program is limited to CA only. You cannot transfer a license out of that state.
    If I find more info on it, I'll post it here.
    Good luck,
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    As promised, here's the link:
    Good luck,
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    If you are a resident of CA the information is given on the BVNPT website under Method 3. They list all the criteria. This has been discussed on the site in the past. It is a lot more involved than taking the Pharmacology course. Read what they say on the site. Good luck.
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    Thank you so much for the info!
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    how about if you failed! the review nclex class by two points? what are the chances to be eligible to challange the boards

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